Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – Customize Your Burger

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – Customize Your Burger

Teddy's Bigger Burgers

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – with Bacon Addon

Chugga Chugga” ; the word that reminds me of our trip to Hawaii nearly a decade ago. Our tour guide taught us that and it became our pose for the photos and greeting to one another.

Recently (6 months ago as of posting), a new restaurant opened at Greenbelt 3 and changed the word that reminds of me Hawaii. I’m sorry Chugga Chugga but as of that moment; it became Teddy (in the voice of Mr Bean).

Say hello … or I mean, Aloha to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers!

I got invited to one of their media launch and got to meet and greet the brains behind this concept; Teddy and Rich.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers - Teddy and Rich

Teddy Tsakiris and Rich Stula

It all started when the two of them were wondering why there was no burger restaurant in Hawaii that could match burgers they cook at their own backyard. Then the light bulb started glowing and later; they opened their own burger restaurant so that they could share their passion on burgers.

Years later, one of the owners of SumoBurger Global Inc (who? think Marvin Agustin’s chain of restaurants.. aaahhhh!!! ); got caught in the rain in Hawaii and sought shelter at one of Teddy’s branches. That fateful night started the chain of events that led them to franchise Teddy’s Bigger Burgers and open a new international branch here at the Philippines.

Teddy’s vision was simple. Serve delicious yet simple burgers where the flavor comes from the patties and not from the toppings. That got me really excited as it has always been the patty that makes my burger experience memorable.

Bigger Burgers

Why bigger? Well, the burgers start at 5 oz (1/3 pound) followed by 7 oz then finally at 9 oz. Not enough? Go for their monster doubles where the biggest goes at 18 oz. You can order these orders ala carte or with sides and drink.

Let’s take a break here as we chow down on one of their sides which would be the onion rings.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers - Onion Rings

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – Onion Rings – PHP 149

Looks simple but there’s a seasoning that was stuck on the breading that made it “not boring”. It goes well with the mayo dip too!

How to Customize your burger at Teddy’s?

Although Teddy’s Bigger Burgers offer “default” selections; you can opt to customize your burger depending on your cravings. Do note that all their burgers are made to order so please don’t treat them as a fast food burger place.

  • Bun – Pick from Potato (recommended), wheat and lettuce wrap
  • Doneness of the Patty – by default, it is Medium-well but you can choose from rare up to well-done
  • Default Toppings – every burger has tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and onions (unless you want them removed)
  • Additional Toppings – More cheese? Add a pineapple slice? Don’t forget the bacon!
  • Additional Sauces – Aside from their signature sauce; they also have choices

I’ll try to end my long length of text writing here and simply let the pictures tell the story!

Enjoy the burgers!

Teddy's Bigger Burgers - Cheese Burger

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – Cheese Burger – PHP 269

“Default” Cheeseburger. I loved how soft like a cotton the potato bun was. It makes you taste the patty more as you might not notice that there’s a bun! The patty will simply make you say.. mooooooooooooooo …. add their default signature sauce (that we initially thought as mustard or cheese spread but it’s not); and we have a clear winner here.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers - Teri Burger

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – Teri Burger – PHP 269

Their burger glazed with the sweet teriyaki sauce in a wheat bun. You get more fiber in your bun in exchange for a the usual wheat bread taste.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers - Lettuce Wrap

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – Lettuce Wrap

No carbs for today? Go for their lettuce wrapped burgers!

Teddy's Bigger Burgers - Hawaiian Style

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – Hawaiian Style
Teri, grilled pineapple paradise

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers also have their “specialty toppings” for those who want a theme for their burgers.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers - Monster Double

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – Monster Double
With custom toppings such as bacon

Lastly, if you got what it takes… go for the monster doubles and aim for the BIGGEST burger at 18 oz.

As of writing, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers have already opened their second branch at Shangri-La Plaza to go with their new breakfast selections. Will I be going back soon? I’ll think about it. I have to admit that the prices serve as a limiter for me but if I have extra dough and I’m craving; no doubt about it that I’ll be knocking at their doors.

Disclosure: This post was made up of two visits. First one (media launch) was sponsored while the second one came from us (those with prices).

Till next time,


PS: If you have spare room in your tummy, do try their 90% ice cream and 10% milk milkshakes!


Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
Greenbelt 3
3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St
Legazpi Village, Makati

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    It reminded of my visit at Pizza Republic in Cebu

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