Tenya Tempura Tendon

Tenya Tempura Tendon

Tenya All-Star Tendon

Tenya All-Star Tendon – PHP 325

Great news for Tempura lovers! Tenya Tempura Tendon recently opened their 3rd branch at Market Market (and their 4th branch at SM South Mall).

What comes into mind when someone mentions Japanese food? In buffets, what’s that dish that gets “sold out” immediately after the cook brings out a fresh batch? What does a prawn look like when it does a full body stretch?

If you are answer to any of the questions is Tempura then good job … else … too bad because this post is all about Tempura!

We recently got invited to the opening of Tenya Tempura Tendon’s Market Market branch and we got to sample what they have in store for everyone. Imported straight from Japan, Tenya aims to show us that tempura can be affordable without sacrificing quality and taste. What would set them apart from other stores that offers tempura would be their tempura cooking technique (which would be hard to visualize unless you their kitchen) and their Don Tare Sauce. The sauce is drizzled all over the tempura which would then ooze into your rice. This may be a surprise to those who are used to having to dipping their tempura.

Appetizers / Side Dishes

Tenya Isobe Cheese

Tenya Isobe Cheese – PHP 185

Think of it as cheese tempura. Cheese wrapped in nori (seaweed) then deep-fried. It goes with a mayo dip that effectively counters the “umay” (or that feeling when you had too much of a very flavorful taste).

Tenya Karaage

Tenya Karaage – PHP 175

I enjoyed Tenya’s version of karaage because each bite sized nugget is very juicy, not too much breading and once again, the mayo adds to the enjoyment factor.

Tenya Spicy Salmon Salad

Tenya Spicy Salmon Salad – PHP 225

A protein loaded salad with lots of salmon fillet (and they are spicy), crab sticks (kani) and corn.


The tendon (tempura rice bowls) at Tenya allows you to choose on what set combination you would like for your toppings. For example, the All-Star Tendon that was served had black tiger prawns, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans and mushroom.

Tenya All-Star Tendon

Tenya All-Star Tendon – PHP 325

The batter of their tempura was light and wasn’t too distracting (else I would have scrapped it off). The Don Tare sauce has already been poured on each piece but you may opt to add more via a container on every table. The sauce was sweet and does compliment the tempura; but for some pieces like the salmon, it would be better without it.


Tenya Ningyo-Yake Sundai

Tenya Ningyo-Yake Sundae – PHP 125

And as for dessert, we had this Japanese bear on top of a Sundae. Poor bear as it didn’t survive.

Ramen… Katsu… Sushi… and now Tempura. The number of specialized Japanese restaurants keeps on increasing and I’m really glad Tenya has expanded here at the Philippines. I’m looking forward to try out their Soda / Udon Sets and Teishoku (or similar to bento but not really bento – according to definition).

Disclosure: Tenya Tempura Tendon paid for our meal.

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Tenya Tempura Tendon

Market! Market!
G/F Market! Market!
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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  1. Wow, lucky! Haha. I hope they open one in Makati. I’ve heard from my friends who came from Japan that its pretty legit!

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