Terry’s Bistro

Terry’s Bistro

Terry's Bistro Seafood Curry Symphony

Terry’s Bistro Seafood Curry Symphony – PHP 520

Terry’s Bistro, led by their head chef JC Terry, serves classic / traditional Spanish cuisine that has been infused with Filipino cuisine.

Terry’s Bistro at Tuscany Estates would be one of the restaurants that we often see but we haven’t attempted to try because of our misconception that it was simply a wine / grocery shop. However, thanks to Zomato, we were able to try their dishes and realize that what we have missed for a while now.

As with our experience with Zomato Foodie Meetups, food would be overflowing so I’m glad we came ready with hungry stomachs.


Terry's Selection Amuse Bouche - Suspiros de Santona

Terry’s Selection Amuse Bouche – Suspiros de Santona

We started with this mini appetizer where I finished in one bite. Tomatoes and tuna that had a hint of vinegar was light but was enough to start our appetites.

Terry's Bistro Fresh Oyster Drizzled with Galician Escabeche

Terry’s Bistro Fresh Oyster Drizzled with Galician Escabeche – PHP 390 (3pcs) / PHP 550 (6pcs)

Next up would be fresh oyster drenched in spiced vinegar. Delicious with no aftertaste; and they oysters were huge! The best part; these were local oysters.

Terry's Bistro Croquettas de Cocido

Terry’s Bistro Croquettas de Cocido – PHP – PHP 320 (6pcs)

Meat Croquettes – sadly I wasn’t able to try.

Terry's Bistro The Kings Ransom Stilton Salad

Terry’s Bistro The Kings Ransom Stilton Salad – PHP 300 (single) / PHP 450 (sharing)

This is gourmet salad! Not much dressing on the crunchy greens and I loved the toppings it came with such as the grilled shrimp and bacon (porchetta). Don’t forget the delicious cheese cubes hidden as these were delicious also!

Main Course

Terry's Bistro Seafood Curry Symphony

Terry’s Bistro Seafood Curry Symphony – PHP 520

A literal harmony of seafood in a very light curry sauce. It contained scallops, fish, mussels, squid and shrimp. The seafood tasted very fresh and the curry really complimented their flavor. The long and chewy rice was a great partner to this dish.

Definitely, my favorite dish during the meetup!

Terry's Bistro Dinuguan Risotto

Terry’s Bistro Dinuguan Risotto – PHP 520

This was Chef JC’s fusion of Spanish/Filipino cuisine and it was a hit among fellow foodies. It had a familiar sourness of dinuguan; but was made creamy for the risotto.

Terry's Bistro Callos a La Andaluza

Terry’s Bistro Callos a La Andaluza – PHP 395

Personally, I’m not familiar with Callos so I didn’t know what to expect from this dish. All I know that it had a lot of ingredients on it, soup was viscous and was very filling.

Chef JC talked about this dish with passion and how he would never change his recipe nor have a fusion version of this. Just hearing him talk about his inspirations and how he cooks were enough to know that he really loves cooking and understanding how each ingredient were carefully selected to form harmony in the dish.


Terry's Bistro Tarta Imperial Rusa

Terry’s Bistro Tarta Imperial Rusa – PHP 210

My least favorite among the three as I’m not really fond of Sans Rival.

Terry's Bistro Flan de la Buela

Terry’s Bistro Flan de la Buela – PHP 125

A heirloom from JC’s mother’s kitchen. It just melts in sweet yumminess.

Terry's Bistro Marquesa de Chocolate

Terry’s Bistro Marquesa de Chocolate – PHP 210

It felt like a fusion of ice cream and pudding; topped with chewy almond praline. Another crowd favorite and was gone in seconds!

Yum Yum as I pat my fulfilled tummy! It was a fun and filling experience for us at Terry’s. Not only did we learn more about Spanish Cuisine but we have tasted them too! If you were to ask me of my favorites; it would be the oysters, seafood curry harmony and the flan (and I’ll have two orders just for myself).

Disclosure: Terry’s Bistro (via Zomato) paid for our meal

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Terry’s Bistro
Tuscany Estates, Bldg 5, Upper McKinley Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig
(02) 246-9069

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