Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse - Ribeye (22oz) Bone In

Texas Roadhouse – Ribeye (22oz) Bone In – PHP 2,725

From the Bistro Group comes a steakhouse specializing in hand-cut steaks; hello to Texas Roadhouse.

Texas Roadhouse is one the three restaurants that the Bistro Group has recently brought to the Philippines. The other two would be Denny’s and Moe’s. To be honest, I’m not familiar with any of the three but just mention that they have steak on the menu and I’m all ears.

The ambiance of Texas Roadhouse reminds me of Friday’s, Outback, Chili’s and the like where we have large tv screens, bars, drinks and steaks! As you enter the store, you will be greeted by the receptionist and by the hand-cut steaks waiting for be cooked!

Texas Roadhouse - Raw Steaks

Raw Filet Medallions, 6oz Dallas Fillet, 22oz Bone-in Rib-Eye, 12oz Ft. Worth Rib-Eye

Texas Roadhouse - Raw Steaks2

Raw 11oz Sirloin, 16oz Ft. Worth Rib-Eye

We were wait-listed at the 20th+ spot but it didn’t take long before we were seated. I guess a lot of those in the list opted to go to other restaurants.

So as we were browsing through the menu, we were served with complimentary bread that was very distracting and delicious!

Texas Roadhouse - Complimentary Bread with Cream Cheese

Texas Roadhouse – Complimentary Bread with Cream Cheese

They were very soft, fluffy and unlimited! So now, we can go ahead with our lunch proper. Based on the pattern of our orders, please expect an appetizer, salmon and steak.

We start with the appetizers and salmon.

Texas Roadhouse - Crispy Chicken Salad

Texas Roadhouse – Crispy Chicken Salad – PHP 275 (lunch) / PHP 495 (regular)

Texas Roadhouse - Grilled Salmon

Texas Roadhouse – Grilled Salmon – PHP 675

Texas Roadhouse - Smothered Chicken

Texas Roadhouse – Smothered Chicken – PHP 395

and now for the steaks! Although they have different cuts available, we opted for Ribeye (one 22 oz and one 16oz). It wasn’t not enough so we had to order another 16oz a few minutes later.

Texas Roadhouse - Ribeye (16oz) FT Worth

Texas Roadhouse – Ribeye (16oz) FT Worth PHP 1,995

Texas Roadhouse - Ribeye (22oz) Bone In

Texas Roadhouse – Ribeye (22oz) Bone In – PHP 2,725

Initially, we had the ribeye steaks cooked medium well which went well for the bone-in ribeye (22oz) but not so much on the 16oz. The medium well 16oz was a bit rubbery and hard to chew than my experiences with ribeye. So on our next order, we requested for it to be cooked well-done and to our surprise, it was better than our first order.

The steaks do not come with gravy as all the flavor should already be seared into the meat. Even before slicing, you can already see the juices flowing. I can attest to the juiciness and the char-grilled flavor of the steak. It goes well with their steak rice or on its own.

It was a very filling lunch thanks to their delicious bread and thick steaks. The next visit would be for their ribs!

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Texas Roadhouse

4th floor Uptown Mall, BGC

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