TGI Friday’s Launches the Steakhouse Supreme

TGI Friday’s Launches the Steakhouse Supreme


Protein overload! That’s something you should expect from TGI Friday’s Steakhouse Supreme that was launched this February.

I always feel honored to be invited to blogger events where we would get to know more about a restaurant and their new offerings. When I got this invite for Steakhouse Supreme; it was an instant yes. Who would say no to steak? Definitely not me :)

So off we went to Friday’s one afternoon to the delight of our tummies.


TGI Friday's Jack Daniel's Sampler

TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Sampler – PHP 795
Our signature sharing platter of crisp Cajun Spiced Shrimp, Sesame Jack Boneless Bites and Beef Brisket Quesadillas. Served with extra Jack Daniel’s glazed for dipping.

Our plate started with this combo of shrimp, chicken and beef. Despite the presence of shrimp and the beef quesadilla where both I love to eat; the standout for me would be the boneless bites as I just cant stop popping each piece into my mouth.

TGI Friday's Chili Cheese Fries

TGI Friday’s Chili Cheese Fries 325
Crispy seasoned fries, topped with spicy chili, warm queso cheese sauce, fresh pico de gallo and served with Cajun sour cream.

On the side, we had their upgraded fries that’s loaded with Chili and Cheese. Think of it as a taco fries.

Now we had to control out intake as our main goal here was the steak but these appetizers were distracting enough to make us forget… just for a moment.. but a few minutes later; we cleared the table for the arrival of…

TGI Friday’s Steakhouse Supreme

TGI Friday's Steak and Garlic Fries

TGI Friday’s Steak and Garlic Fries – PHP 1695
Juicy fire-grilled ribeeye steak topped with savory herb butter. Served with parmesan crusted roasted tomato, garlic fries and horseradish cream.

TGI Friday's Double Mushroom RibEye

TGI Friday’s Double Mushroom RibEye – PHP 1850
Perfectly grilled certified 8 oz Angus Beef steak served with fried shiitake mushroom strips, roasted mushroom gravy and our ultimate mac and cheese.

These two steaks were cooked medium-well so you could still see a hint of pink on each slice. They were soft and very juicy! I kept on slicing piece by piece; and thankfully nobody noticed (I think). The steaks were topped with a moderate amount of herb butter coupled with many spices that would serve as your alternative to gravy (but you can still add if you’d like).

I liked the taste of the Rib Eye as compared to the Angus but you can’t go wrong with either choices. The Angus version has more side dishes so it becomes a filling meal.

Important Note: These steaks should be eaten as soon as it is served because as it cools down, it loses its juiciness and starts to feel like rubber (and a waste of a good steak).


TGI Friday's Island Breeze Sundae

TGI Friday’s Island Breeze Sundae

A combination of fruits, ice cream and crispy wanton wrappers.

TGI Friday's New York Style Cheesecake

TGI Friday’s New York Style Cheesecake
classic New York Style Cheesecake served with caramel and chocolate sauce

My description of this would be… frozen cheesecake. It felt like it came straight from the freezer that it was trying to get a scoop of ice cream. To enjoy this more; give it a few minutes to warm-up so that you can slice it easier.

I’m really glad I was able to join because those steaks were delicious! I’d gladly go back and order it again… but I’d have to save up first :)

Disclosure: TGI Friday’s paid for our meal.

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