T.G.I. Friday’s Introduces Tex-Mex Dishes

T.G.I. Friday’s Introduces Tex-Mex Dishes

T.G.I. Friday's TexMex

T.G.I. Friday’s joins Krazy Garlik (Kraaazy Grubs) by introducing their own Tex Mex dishes. Similarly, both bistro group concepts recently opened a new branches; Greenhills Promenade for Krazy Garlik while Greenbelt for T.G.I. Fridays. Is that a coincidence or what?

For Krazy Garlik, they introduced nachos, burritos and tacos into their menu. How about for T.G.I. Friday’s? Well, let us find out!

T.G.I. Friday's Chili Ball Park Nachos

Friday’s Chili Ball Park Nachos (S – PHP395, to share PHP 650)

We started our meal with none other than nachos! Drizzled with yummy cheese, chili, ground beef and picco de gallo; I enjoyed going through every crunch with or without the salsa. The cheese sauce tends to flow towards the bottom of the plate so you can use the nachos to scoop those cheesy goodness.

T.G.I. Friday's Tostado Nachos

Friday’s Tostado Nachos – PHP 495

Next up, we had the tostado nachos which would be my favorite of the night. A huge nacho topped with cheese, meat and a piece of jalapeno then toasted. Every crunch was very flavorful! I even forgot that it had jalapeno as I went through it quickly.

T.G.I. Friday's Smoked Salmon Quesadilla

Smoked Salmon Quesadilla – PHP 345

I have always been a fan of quesadillas. There’s just something about this tortilla dish that has a gooey melted cheese on the inside. T.G.I. Friday’s took this further by adding smoked salmon inside making this a healthy guilty pleasure.

T.G.I. Friday's BBQ Pork Tacos

BBQ Pork Tacos – PHP 475

We welcome the pork tacos with a heavy smile. Among the ingredients, I can only distinguish the BBQ flavored pork, tomatoes and surprisingly, thin onion rings. It wasn’t that amazing on first bite but that all changed when I got these on my to-go bag. In a weird way, I enjoyed it more when it has already cooled down.

T.G.I. Friday's Ranchero Chicken Enchiladas

Ranchero Chicken Enchiladas – PHP 495

Lastly, we had the chicken enchiladas. Sadly, I was already full to really appreciate this dish. My basic reaction was a chicken-based taco.

So there you have it; five dishes; a combination of old and new menu items, T.G.I. Friday’s just went Tex-Mex on you! Which would be your favorite? Mine would be the Tostado Nachos!

Disclosure: T.G.I. Friday’s paid for our meal.

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