Tokyo Café Dinner

Tokyo Café Dinner

Tokyo Café Peach Mango Caramel Crepe

My Tokyo Café gift certificate was expiring and I needed a good place to eat so I brought Jessa to the nearest Tokyo Café location I can find, Go Hotels in Mandaluyong. If you are unfamiliar with Tokyo Café, well, the first thing that comes into mind would be crepes. The first time I dined at Tokyo Café was in their Mall of Asia branch and if you are a crepe lover, you would be sucked in the moment you come near their entrance. Besides their entrance would be a huge selection of crepes just waiting for you to order them.

So going back to Go Hotels… just a minor thing here, they wouldn’t allow you to use their elevator if you will not be staying at Go Hotels. They would make you walk outside then find your way to Tokyo Café and other restaurants. Well, cardio anyone? Anyway, let’s go with our orders.

Tokyo Café Demi Hamburg

Tokyo Café Demi Hamburg – PHP 213

Hamburg steak in demi glace sauce

I hate to say this but this tasted very similar to Jollibee’s burger steak.

Tokyo Café Seafood Pizza

Tokyo Café Seafood Pizza – PHP 321

Shrimp, Squid, kani Sticks, onions and Mozzarella topped with Japanese Mayonnaise

Thin-crust yum yum! I can really feel the seafood-ness of the pizza and they were very generous with the cheese. It wasn’t very oily and I was eating it like there’s no tomorrow. On this day, I learned how to fold the pizza to make it into a pizza sandwich but the disadvantage was I ran out of pizza to eat at a much faster rate.


Tokyo Café Peach Mango Caramel – PHP 140

A great way to end the meal. Their crepes never disappoint.


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Tokyo Café, Mandaluyong
Go Hotels, EDSA Boni Ave. cor. Aglipay, Brgy. Buayang Bato
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 477-3844

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