Tokyo Cafe Japanese Fair Promo

Tokyo Cafe Japanese Fair Promo

Tokyo Cafe Una Ju Japanese Fair Promo

We were invited to a Tokyo Cafe blogger event to know more about their recent promotions. One of them was their Japanese Fair where they started to add more Japanese dishes to their menu. It is very fitting because their name is Tokyo Cafe which gives people the idea that it has something to do with Japanese cuisine. However, if you look at their menu, you would notice that the offer different kinds of cuisine and Japanese is just a part of them (eg. Omurice, Hamburger steaks).

Tokyo Cafe Japanese Fair Promo

The Japanese Fair Promo are rice meals that are placed on a Ju box containing one Japanese dish, salad and rice and you can add-on to get drinks. Here are your choices:

  • Una Ju (eel)
  • Katsu Ju (pork)
  • Kalbi Ju (beef)
  • Oyaku Ju (chicken)
  • Ten Ju (tempura)

Tokyo Cafe Ten Ju

Most of my blogger friends order Tenju which contained Tempura but I ordered UnaJu which contained pan-fried eel. I liked the Unaju’s taste because it was sweet thanks to the caramelized sauce and the fish meat was had this tender and fatty texture. My only problem was the abundance of fish thorns in the fillet. I had a hard time eating the Una Ju because of that otherwise, it would have been a great meal!

By the way, the promo says that it is up to July 31, 2011 but I believe it is still being offered as a regular part of their menu. Watch out the other promos of Tokyo Cafe in my next post.

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Tokyo Cafe, SM Megamall
3/F, Bldg. B, SM Megamall, Julia Vargas Ave
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 477-3354


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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Cafe Japanese Fair Promo

  1. hmm… If you remove the eel properly from the skin you won’t experience a single fish thorn.

    • Oh I see.. i guess I didn’t know how to eat it properly :) I was just scraping the fishmeat from the skin and the thorns come with it.

So what can you say? :)