The Tonkatsu Battle – Who has the best Katsu in town?

The Tonkatsu Battle – Who has the best Katsu in town?


My life changing katsu moment!

Gone were the days that a tonkatsu was merely a breaded pork cutlet where the breading was thicker than the pork itself. It also came with gravy similar to what’s being used in fried chicken or burger steak.

Today, the scenario has changed;tonkatsu has become mainstream and we now have different restaurants opening to serve authentic tonkatsu (or simply just how they do it in Japan)! Nowadays, when talking about tonkatsu, we talk about the crunchy breading, the soft melt in your mouth pork cutlet, the different recipes for the tonkatsu sauce, the grinding of sesame seeds and of course, the roasted sesame dressing that comes with unlimited cabbage!!!

With this, I am happy to write about Tonkatsu Battle – Who has the best Katsu in town?

(Order is based on time when I first tried it and will continue to be updated ) 

Yabu House of Katsu

Yabu Kurobuta Katsu

Yabu Kurobuta Katsu

If anyone would ask me where to eat katsu, I would immediately point at Yabu. Yabu has been the first restaurant where I have tried the new generation katsus and it was a life changing moment. It was the day where my definition of katsu was changed (see first sentence post)… forever!

As my pioneer premium katsu experience, it holds a special place in my stomach and I have been going back here over and over to get my katsu fix.

Number of visits: Lost count :)

My recommendations: Go for the Rosu Katsudon or if budget permits, the Rosu Kurubuta katsu. Also, try out their katsu curry as it is very yummy!

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Branches: SM Megamall, Robinson’s Magnolia, SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, SM Aura, Glorietta 5, Alabang Town Center, SM Southmall

Ginza Bairin

Ginza Bairin Rosu Katsu Set

Ginza Bairin Rosu Katsu Set

It took a while before I started exploring other katsu places as I’m already very comfortable with Yabu. Although Ginza Bairin is famous for their katsudon (which I still have to try); their katsu were also very good! Just minor difference with breading thickness but overall satisfaction was similar!

Number of visits: 1

My recommendations: Again, go for their Rosu Katsu and for appetizers or for snacks; do try the Katsu Sando. Do check out their Prawn katsu as they are HUUUGEEE!!!

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Branches: Glorietta 2, UP Town Center, Trinoma

Tonkatsu by Terasawa

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Black Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu

Tonkatsu by Terasawa used to be Ma Maison before they rebranded into katsudon focused restaurant.

Our dinner here was sponsored; to try out the Spanish Iberico Katsu. In Japan, their top quality pork would be the kurobuta with its premium taste and softness. On the other hand, the Spanish Iberico has a firmer texture but it wasn’t hard. It was juicy!

Number of visits: 1

My recommendations: Their miso soup! LoL I blame that for nearly not being able to finish my katsu as I really enjoyed it. I did like the iberico katsu but I still need to try the other dishes in order to make more recommendations.

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Branches: Greenbelt 2, Lucky Chinatown


Kimukatsu Mille-Feuille Katsu

Kimukatsu Mille-Feuille Katsu – Do you see the layers?

For a different katsu experience, try out Kimukatsu as their katsu is made up of many thin layers of pork that overflows with juiciness on every bite! It also comes with many flavors for you to choose from!

Number of visits: 1

My recommendations: Cheese Kimukatsu (as I have yet to try out the other flavors); if you can kurobuta it then kurobuta it!

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Katsu Cafe

Katsu Cafe - Pork Katsu

Katsu Cafe – Pork Katsu Set 

Among the restaurant in this list; Katsu Cafe would be the most budget friendly as each katsu set only costs around PHP 200. However, the downside was that the cabbage wasn’t unlimited but the soup and rice were. They had only one type of pork katsu (my guess is hire katsu as there was no fat); other dishes such as chicken katsu and prawn katsu.

Number of visits: 1

My recommendations: Pork Katsu and Prawn Katsu

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Branches: Along Katipunan, Maginhawa and Sto Domingo (not in mall)


Saboten Loin Katsu Close-up

A close-up of the loin katsu of Saboten

Saboten offers the most number of katsu choices! I think the only thing that they don’t have would be the katsu sando from Ginza Bairin. They also have a unique katsu offering called the rolled tenderloin which I have yet to try. They also have different terms for their katsu as they have tenderloin and loin whereas we are already used to hire and rosu respectively.

Number of visits: 2

My recommendations: Loin Katsu! as the tenderloin was just toooo tender for me

For more info, please check out my posts about Saboten



My personal favorite would be Yabu but that doesn’t mean that others weren’t as good. I’m just more familiar with Yabu :)


More coming soon! Your go-to katsu place wasn’t listed here? Just leave a comment and I’ll pay it a visit soon. Thank you!

Till next time,


Disclosure: I have been attending the events hosted by Yabu and my Tonkatsu by Terasawa lunch was sponsored.


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