Tonkatsuya Japanese Cuisine- Trying it out

Tonkatsuya – Trying it out


Tonkatsuya Japanese Cuisine

I have tried out restaurants that serve Katsu since I enjoy the full feeling when I eat Katsu with unli everything! However, before Katsu became mainstream; there’s this restaurant that has served it quietly for many years now at Makati. The name of that restaurant is Tonkatsuya.

They are at Palm Tower Building (where I have read that finding a place to park is hard) so I’m glad that they have recently opened a new branch at Acrocity Building (along J.P. Rizal) which has ample parking space.

We entered Tonkatsuya with hungry bellies, browsed through the menu and placed our orders. First up would be our sole appetizer (as you know; I always include an order of gyoza when I see it on the menu).

Tonkatsuya Gyoza

Tonkatsuya Gyoza – PHP 210

I found the frying inconsistent between dumplings as some were a bit burnt while others weren’t fried enough. In terms of taste; it was ok.

Now, let’s move on to the Katsu!

Allow me to start by setting up your expectations for Tonkatsuya especially if you have been to other Katsu places such as Yabu, Ginza Bairin and Saboten.

Tonkatsuya Katsu Set

Tonkatsuya Katsu Set – Comes with rice, shredded cabbage, beansprouts and miso soup

There’s no unlimited refills at Tonkatsuya. Whatever gets served in front of you; that’s all you get. Not that I don’t mind but what made me depressed was that they charge PHP 30 for the sesame dressing. Either you use Tonkatsu sauce on your cabbage or pay PHP 30.

Their pork katsu has two variants (Tonkatsu or pork chop; or Hirekatsu or pork loin). Hirekatsu costs more due to it being more tender. They also have miso katsu, oroshi katu and cheese katsu. For our orders, we tried the Hirekatsu set and the cheese hirekatsu set.

Tonkatsuya Hirekatsu

Tonkatsuya Hirekatsu – PHP 240

Tonkatsuya Cheese Hirekatsu

Tonkatsuya Cheese Hirekatsu – PHP 280

My first reaction was on the shape. They look different than the other katsus that I have tried. They look like katsu patties. The breading was thin and the pork was indeed tender as the server described. The tonkatsu sauce gave it the right amount of mildly sweet / sour taste.

Also, what surprised us was the melted cheese on top of the katsu. It reminded me of KFC’s cheese top burger! But some reason, it goes well with the katsu but they clash a bit with the tonkatsu sauce. I’d still prefer the non-cheese version and just dip it in the tonkatsu sauce.

There were a lot of surprising discoveries that night when we tried eating at Tonkatsuya (e.g. no unli + extra charge for sesame dressing, patty shape of the katsu, cheese top katsu). It distracted me for a bit but once I recovered; I made a note that I should try their normal tonkatsu also.

However, while they cost a bit less than the other katsu places; I’d gladly pay more just to have a refill of rice or miso soup.

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Tonkatsuya Japanese Cuisine
G/F 102 Acrocity Bldg, Antipolo St
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 556-9446

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