Tony’s Romas Valentine’s Day Dinner

Tony’s Romas Valentine’s Day Dinner

Jessa and Allen @ Tony Romas - 20120214

It was Valentine’s day and I was in training. When I go around the floor, I would see a lot of flowers, chocolates and other gifts. The cliché, love is in the air, is in effect while I’m stuck in training. However, Jessa and I won’t allow the day to end without making a celebration of our own. We discussed of having dinner together and since I wasn’t able to make advanced reservations, I explored Glorietta and scouted for restaurants that are not fully booked or full. My mission was to find a place with ribs. Luckily, I landed in Tony Roma’s and learned that they don’t accept reservations (first come, first serve) so I quickly took a seat. Upon entering Tony Roma’s, I noticed rose petals on the floor and red candles on the table, Valentine’s!

When Jessa arrived, we made our orders…

Tony Romas Complimentary Bread

Complimentary Bread

While waiting, we were given complimentary bread and it’s big but very soft.

Tony Romas Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce- PHP 260

For our appetizer, we had cheese sticks. It wasn’t oily and it was oozing with cheesiness.

Tony Romas St. Louis-Style Ribs - Carolina Honeys Ribs Half Slab

St. Louis-Style Ribs – Carolina Honeys Ribs Half Slab- PHP 658

This was their St. Louis-Style Ribs which was described as larger, meatier and has more marbling (quality measure for steaks). The sauce was sweet as expected and I prefer this sauce over the original. The side dishes were coleslaw and vegetables

Tony Romas Fish Fillet Rib Combo (The Original Baby Back Ribs)

Fish Fillet Rib Combo (The Original Baby Back Ribs) – PHP 910

We tried the Original Baby Back Ribs here. The sauce had this semi sour taste that I need to eat something else with it. The fish fillet had a crunchy and delicious breading and the fish itself was abundant. The side dishes were baked beans (aroma of chili con carne) and fries.

Honestly, I couldn’t distinguish between the Original and the St. Louis-Style version. I was only able to distinguish that they had different sauces (thanks captain obvious moment). Their ribs were delicious and the serving size was just right for the two of us. We just had a hard time finishing everything because the side dishes were plenty too.

Happy Valentine’s Lah!

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Tony Roma’s Restaurant, Glorietta 4
G/Lvl. Glorietta 4, Ayala Ave. cor. Pasay Rd.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-1926

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