Trying out Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe

Trying out Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe

October 26, 2010

On an afternoon where we were denied renewal of our US Visa (he was expecting me and my “still in high school brother” to earn like how my parents are earning already… bitter rant end), we went to Robinson Malate to just roam around. While looking for a place to eat, we tried Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe by IceBergs. I picked this one because it sounds nice and it has no entry yet in this blog ;)

I wonder what is the difference between Ice Bergs and Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe? Both of them seems to be specializing in desserts. I did see a lot of parfaits in Chocolate Spoon’s Menu but I haven’t glanced much on IceBergs’ Menu. If I get to eat at Icebergs, then I can discuss it more but for now, let’s get on with the food.

Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe Strawberry Milkshake = PHP138

Let’s start it off with my brother’s boring order haha just kidding. Strawberry Milkshake! Too bad I did not get to taste it so I can’t say much about it. :)

Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe Ferrero Indulgence = PHP165

Sometimes if something has a big picture in the menu then it should be their specialty or it is their most expensive dish right? So when I saw this, I ordered it right away. Rocky Road inside with Ferrero Rocher chocolates on top. Yum Yum! Ohh the calories! but it was really great!

Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe Boneless Chicken = PHP168

Boneless chicken in BBQ sauce I believe. –failed to try it out–

Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe Eskimo Super Clubhouse = PHP168

Their very own club house sandwich! Good enough for two! –failed to try it out–

Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe Mushroom Lava Cheese Burger = PHP168

See those cheese oozing from the burger? If you look at it, it is pretty simple, “bun + oozing cheese + mushrooms + patty + lettuce + bun”, however eating it is a different story. It was very delicious! I divided it into four because I knew I would be having a hard time eating it by just holding it (it would be very messy). The bun was big but it was crispy on the outside and very soft in the inside. The beef patty really tasted good! You won’t notice any extenders there or anything fake. I really enjoyed this one that I failed to try out the other dishes (see comments above).

Overall, it was a great dining experience at the Chocolate Spoon. The prices aren’t really that expensive but it will make you leave with a full and happy stomach!

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Space 226, Level 2
Robinsons Place
Pedro Gil Street, Ermita, Manila

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2 thoughts on “Trying out Chocolate Spoon Ice Cream Cafe

  1. Si Kevin strawberry shake forever hehehe

    Try mo Banapple when it opens sa Ayala Triangle next week I think, haven’t tried it pero really good feedback from my teammates, ginkadtu-an gid nila sa Tomas Morato one time, before nabal-an manug-open gali di sa tabok lang sa office hehehe

    • haha si Kevin pa lol . sige sige, kung mag try kamo, just text me hehe kung next week na so pwde upod na day mama / papa e noh? :D

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