Trying out Max’s Restaurant Chicken All-You-Can Promo

Trying out Max’s Restaurant Chicken All-You-Can Promo

Max's Restaurant SM Manila

After I posted the Chicken All You Can Promo by Max’s Restaurant last week, I made a plan to try this out on the weekend. The original venue was to be the Max’s branch in Glorietta but due to a sale in SM Manila, the plans changed.

I was expecting a full house due to this promo but we were able to sit as soon as we asked them. So our dinner started and I ordered the Chicken All-You-Can promo. A few minutes later, our first quarter chickens arrived and I got the leg + thigh part (my favorite).

The first piece got devoured quite fast and we were already asking for the second quarter chicken to come. The chicken came, was devoured and we asked for more. Five quarters later, I was feeling a bit full but I decided to go for one last quarter to make mine six (6) quarters total and I couldn’t eat anything anymore although I had a craving for their halo halo (lol).

After eating, we asked for the bill and checked if it was really PHP165. It had a few pesos additions (service charge, tax etc) but it was just around PHP20 or less.

Tips to maximize your Chicken All You Can experience

  • As much as possible, do not drink anything while eating. Water or any other liquids will take up precious space in your stomach which should have chicken instead
  • Based on Max’s Restaurant chicken prices, you only need to eat around three quarters maximize your payment. Anything more than that is a bonus. (1/2 chicken is around PHP150+, while 1 whole chicken is around PHP300+ but you are just paying around PHP165)
  • Always hope to get the leg + thigh part. Not only that it tastes better than breast, you won’t get sick of eating it
  • Avoid chicken skin (although delicious) if you want to care for your health
  • Note that this is fried chicken (ohh the oils) so don’t be too greedy and I would not suggest you to try this if you have high cholesterol
  • Make use of their Jufran Banana Ketchup. If you finish one bottle, that is an added bonus
  • You can order other dishes or soup just to remove the repetitive taste of chicken but if you can survive the “umay” or “I’m-getting-sick-of eating-this-again-and-again” feeling, then go ahead and eat more chicken

and here are our pics… I was able to take a few pics at first but later on, in order to sustain the momentum, I did not let go of my spoon and fork.

I would love to hear about your experiences with this promo. Do let me know :)

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Max’s Restaurant
SM City Manila
2/F SM City Manila, Natividad Almeda-Lopez cor San Marcelino St.
Ermita, Manila
(02) 7-9000

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  1. Di mo ko sinama! hahaha nice tips! I’ll try this one too over the weekend!

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