Tsoko Nut

Tsoko Nut

Tsoko Nut Cool Blends

Tsoko Nut is known for their hot drinks (chocolate / coffee and even tea) but on our first visit; we came here for dinner and cold drinks.

Tsoko Nut is at the 2nd floor of Venice Piazza. The space wasn’t too big (just enough space for a cafe) so prepare to wait in line during foodie rush hour. However, we visited late so we didn’t have any problems getting seats.

The people around us were already on their dessert phase with their hot chocolate and cakes (yes they do serve cakes too); but as for us, here’s dinner!

Tsoko Nut Relyenong Bangus

Tsoko Nut Relyenong Bangus – PHP 135

Out of the different rice meals, I opted for Relleno simply because I missed it (in general) and it is not something I usually get to eat at home. I was happy that each spoonful gives me a nostalgic feeling; simple comfort food. The milkfish was deboned properly so I wasnt worried of stray bones and it had a slight sweet taste due to raisins maybe?

Tsoko Nut Spagheti Aligue

Tsoko Nut Spagheti Aligue – PHP 129

We also had the aligue pasta. It was really flavorful thanks to the aligue (crab fat). A simple dish that hits the spot if you want an alternative or upgrade from marinara.

As for drinks, we ordered their cold blends which were basically just shakes with whipped cream on top; sweet and delicious!

We had a simple dinner here at Tsoko Nut and I’m looking forward to sharing with you our future experience with their hot chocolate.

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Tsoko Nut Batirol
The Venice Piazza

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