Tuna Panga from Siklab

Tuna Panga from Siklab

Siklab Tuna Panga

I usually just browse through press releases being sent to my email but when I saw the press release for Siklab’s Tuna Panga; I paused for a moment and silently decided that I’m going to try this!

 Siklab (Filipino Cuisine Bistro Group Concept) used to be Sizzling Hot BBQ at the same location at Greenbelt. Siklab now shares the same spot as with Fish and Co where you can order from both restaurants.

Tuna Panga is one of the dishes that I enjoy eating but it’s not as common as other tuna dishes such as Tuna Sisig, Tuna Belly and canned Tuna so when I a chance to order it; I do! For example, Siklab currently offers Tuna Panga for only PHP 395… but here’s the catch; it’s 1 kg of Tuna Panga. Note that it is not pounds but in kilograms. Even if we count the bones which would really occupy most of the weight, it is still 1 kilogram! So what was I waiting for?

So off we went to Siklab to order! But before that, allow me to show you our “fillers“.

Siklab Crispy Bacon Belly

Siklab Crispy Bacon Belly – PHP 255
Bacon-cut pork belly fried to a crisp. Served with atsara.

For appetizers, we had the crispy bacon belly. We were thinking about Italliani’s Pancetta Bacon while waiting for this dish to arrive but unfortunately, they were very different. We felt that it was too deep-fried that it lost its flavor and you had to rely on the salt that goes with it to taste.

Siklab Dulong Rice

Siklab Dulong Rice – PHP 195
Stir-fried with fried dulong fish, black beans, green mangoes and onion leeks

This was really good! It gives a feeling of home cooking and the toppings compliments each other well. Personally, it would already be a meal by itself.

Siklab Ginataang Kalabasa at Sitaw

Siklab Ginataang Kalabasa at Sitaw – PHP 155
Squash, stringbeans, shrimps and moringga leaves cooked in coconut cream sauce

Our attempt to have veggies in our meal. It tastes simply as what is it called. After we were done with it, only the string beans was left as even the sauce wasn’t spared!

Siklab Tuna Panga

Siklab Tuna Panga – PHP 395
For Php 395 for a one-kilo serving, this Tuna Panga is perfect for sharing with your
friends and family. Marinated and grilled to perfection and served with Siklab’s special sauce, this panga
is guaranteed to make your jaw drop in satisfaction.

The main event of the night and it was really a head turner! I could see the curiosity of the other diners as this was served smoking hot to our table. It comes with a mildly sweet special sauce that I believe is optional when eating this. For something this big, I was happy that they were able to grill it well as there were no uncooked portions. It had a lot of meat to which I enjoyed breaking it apart just to dig in. Patience is needed to eat Tuna Panga as the meat is usually hidden beneath the bones so you need to slice, scrape, chop, and pull it apart to have a taste.

Very Sulit! 

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