Uno Pizzeria Group Deal from Metrodeal

Uno Pizzeria Group Deal from Metrodeal

Uno Pizzeria

Thanks to; I was able to try out this deal.

 16 Inch American Fullhouse Pizza, Milanese Fish & Chips, Pasta Vola, Buffalo Wings at UNO Pizzeria for P630 instead of P1,261

Uno Pizzeria Spaghetti Giant Meat Balls

Pasta Vola (Spaghetti Giant Meat Balls) – PHP 288

The pasta was not that sweet (Pinoy Style) nor sour (Italian style). The meatballs were a bit big and it tasted normal (like the homecooked sweat and sour meatballs dish).

Uno Pizzeria Milanese Fish & Chips

Milanese Fish & Chips – PHP 288

This was a disappointment. In a way, we were expecting a big fish fillet (similar to Fish and Co) but we were given a few small pieces of fish fillet. If you check the fish fillet, you would notice that there’s not much fish in it but it was mostly breading. To add also, the chips weren’t good also.

Uno Pizzeria Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings – PHP 198

The buffalo wings weren’t hot or spicy so that saves me. However, the sauce that stuck to the chicken wing was flavorful that I didn’t need to dip it in the sauce to savor it. The sauce would compliment the wing though. Nice dish! :D

Uno Pizzeria 16 Inch American Fullhouse Pizza

Uno Pizzeria 16 Inch American Fullhouse Pizza

I liked this one. It was delicious but don’t let it get too cold (which was hard because the restaurant was cold) because once it gets cold, it doesn’t taste as good as it was when served hot. I also liked the pizza crust because it was hollow in the inside (think of pizza hut’s stuff crust but without the stuffing) so it’s easy to chew.

Btw, this version wasn’t on the menu so I wonder how much this costs? (but the 14 inch version already costs PHP420)

Since we were 6 and the group buy deal was only for five (5) persons, we made some additional orders to satisfy our hunger.

Uno Pizzeria Carbonara

Carbonara – PHP 288.00

This was a seafood carbonara and I was happy to see generous servings of shrimp and fish (1st time tasting carbonara with fish fillet). The taste was a little bit bland (lack of cheese or sauce) but since I’m a big fan of carbonara, I happily ate my share.

Uno Pizzeria Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig – PHP178

This was unexpectedly delicious! I think they placed two eggs on this one and added some mayo because the result of this dish after mixing it all together was different. It was “creamy” compared to the usual after appearance of sizzling sisig where it was more dry. It wasn’t also crunchy (no chicharon) and it had less fats (more pork and liver on it). The bottomline was we enjoyed this much that it was gone in a few minutes (and we wanted more but that have to be another order).

This deal from Metrodeal was just ok. If they could replace the “fish and chips” on it then it would have been better deal. For example, they can replace it with sisig but perhaps it won’t blend well with the “theme” if they had one for the deal. The pizza was a steal because the pizza alone already cost around 80-90% of the deal price and the other dishes were more of “toppings” for the deal.

Our dining experience with Uno Pizzeria was great! I liked the ambiance of the place (card theme and it makes me think of Alice and Wonderland) and I think it is more livelier on Saturdays (we came on a Sunday so it was more of casual dining rather than party party!). I did see some videos in Uno Pizzeria’s facebook wall.

Once again, I would like to thank Metrodeal for the deal and Uno Pizzeria for the satisfying dinner.

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Uno Pizzeria

San Miguel by the Bay
Bay Strip, SM Mall of Asia, SM Central Business Park, Bay Center
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 444-8775

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