Uratex Ready-Wrap Containers

Uratex Ready-Wrap Containers

Uratex Ready-Wrap Containers

As someone who lives with ready to eat and take out food, food containers are my friends. Food containers would allow me to store my food so that I can buy a viand I want, store them and reheat a part of it when needed. Usually, when I keep my these food containers I have these criteria:

  • has the label microwavable or microwave safe – for reheating purposes
  • easy to put the lid back on – trust me, there are some lids that are just a chore to fit back in
  • doesn’t bend when being put on a microwave – this means permanent disability

If a container doesn’t meet these criteria, they will be rejected.. LoL…

Uratex Philippines (hmm I thought they were just making mattresses and mono bloc chairs) sent me a sample of their ready-wrap containers for review and I will review them based on the criteria mentioned above.

The package contains containers in different sizes in which might be a problem to me as I’m not a good organizer.

  • Cups
  • Bowls
  • Rectangles

Uratex Ready-Wrap Containers Microwave Safe

I checked the labels and all of them are microwave-safe. Good!

Uratex Ready-Wrap Containers Easy to close Lid

Now, let’s try the “put back the lid test” as this was one of my frustrations in food containers. I got the bowl and try to put back the lid and I hear a pop. The pop means that the lid has been secured properly and to open, just pull on the lid to hear another pop.

I don’t have food for now to do the microwave test so that will have to be postponed to later.

Lastly, as I was playing around with the containers, I felt that the plastic is much more thicker than usual. I compared it to the container being used in Chinese noodles. It would be safe to say that they are more durable than common brands in supermarket.

In terms of price, you can buy these ready-wrap containers per pack (5pcs) for a price range of PHP 21.75 to PHP127.75 or you can buy their party package that has assorted sizes.

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Uratex Philippines – http://www.uratex.com.ph/

Ready-Wrap Containers – http://www.readywrap.com.ph/

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