Vanessa from the Cake Club

  Vanessa from the Cake Club

The Cake Club

Today, let us talk about macarons because lately, I became a convert of eating macarons. I used to think that these were just mini bite-size burgers that shouldn’t be enough for my dessert fix… not until I have tasted some really tasty macarons that my eyes and tongue were opened to appreciate these tiny works of art.

As defined by Wikipedia,

A macaron  is a sweet meringue-based confection made with eggs, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food colouring. The macaron is commonly filled with ganache, buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two cookies. The name is derived from the Italian word maccarone or maccherone.

So how about I show you the biggest macaron I have ever seen and eaten? It is from the Cake Club. We were just strolling in hunt for a dinner place (where we ate at Sutra) when we saw these HUGE macarons on display! Usually, the size of a macaron is a big as an ok sign…

Ok Sign

… but this…

Vanessa from the Cake Club

It’s called the Vanessa (same name as Jessa – no wonder they seem to be attracted together). Vanessa is just one of the huge macarons the Cake Club offers and it costs PHP 250.

Vanessa from the Cake Club

Our GM’s favorite! Made of pistachio macarons and fresh strawberries

Vanessa from the Cake Club - Inside

Look at how many layers it has! The green layer would be the pistachio shell (chewy and gladly, it doesn’t break apart easily else it would be hard to split in half). Inside, you can see real strawberries slices with strawberry cream (pink), pistachio cream (see that dark colored cream?) and unidentified cream (the white one).

With all these ingredients, you would be happy to know that they go well with each other and it gives this feel-good feeling knowing that you are treating yourself to a wonderful work of culinary art. Pricey at PHP 250 but definitely worth every bite (I even picked up the crumbs that fell on the plate)!

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  1. You should try the Ispahan too! :)

  2. I must try this cakes its look delicious i hope the taste is really good cause the price is little expensive

  3. omg! i wanna try this too.. love it. :)

  4. awww! i love that huge macarons made of pistachio, wanna try it!

  5. i love it. yummy

  6. Abigail Sy says:

    I’ve tried macarons, really good, but quite pricey though!

So what can you say? :)