Vikings Buffet at SM Jazz

Vikings Buffet at SM Jazz

Vikings SM Jazz

Vikings SM Jazz

Allow me to take you to a tour at Italy; aboard our ships and the merry crew of Vikings!


Vikings opens their 6th branch at SM Jazz; although it would only be the second branch that I have visited apart from their Mall of Asia branch. Upon entering Vikings; I was amazed at what I saw! The ambiance reminds me of the narrow streets of Italy (or any Europe place) that you see in movies. Each “door” is named after a place at Italy and there were bright and colorful lights everywhere…

Vikings SM Jazz - Colorful Lights

…lights like this…

Vikings MOA boasts an ambiance of a big viking ships and as you board that ship; you go feast and eat like a boss viking! On the other hand, Vikings SM Jazz showcases an elegant and advanced look where you go in to dine like a sir (or at least try to).

In terms of selection; they have less in variety as compared to MOA but if you are like me who lurks at the carving station of buffets; you wouldn’t notice. So ready your tummies and eyes as we start our tour…

Appetizers at Vikings

Vikings Appetizers4

Classic Salad

Vikings Appetizers5

Different types of salad

Vikings Appetizers

Bread… cheese … cold cuts!

Vikings Appetizers2

Foreign sounding appetizers :D

Vikings Appetizers3

Nachos and other finger food

Japanese Station at Vikings

Vikings Japanese

Maki Station

Vikings Japanese - Special Rolls

Vikings Special Roll

Vikings Japanese3

The sushi boat – hop aboard!

Vikings Japanese2

Have you fill of katsu

Vikings Japanese4


Vikings Japanese5


Korean Station at Vikings

Vikings Korean2

Bulgogi ; I missed stuffing this on a lettuce

Vikings Korean3


Vikings Korean

My korean fave… beef stew!

Chinese Station at Vikings

Vikings Chinese2

Roast station!

Vikings Chinese3

Soy Chicken

Vikings Chinese

Make you own Shabu Shabu!

Carving Station at Vikings

Vikings Carving Station - Lamb

Leg of Lamb

Vikings Carving Station - Slow Roasted Angus Beef Belly

Beef belly … sinfully good

Vikings Carving Station - Spicy Bellychon

It comes in many names but still one great taste!

Vikings Carving Station - US Beef


Miscellaneous at Vikings

Vikings Misc Liempo Bicol Express

Crispy Liempo Bicol Express

Vikings Misc Make your own Milk Tea

How to make milk tea the experience

Vikings Misc Shrimp with Salt and Pepper

Shrimp with Salt and Pepper

Desserts at Vikings

Vikings Jazz Desserts2

Fresh Fruits Platter

Vikings Jazz Desserts3

Colorful cakes!

Vikings Jazz Desserts4

Local Delicacies (like the taho shots)

Vikings Jazz Desserts5

Never absent crepe station!

Vikings Jazz Desserts6

Always present Ice Cream

Vikings Jazz Desserts7

Desserts in a shot glass – desserts like a sir

Vikings Jazz Desserts8

Halo Halo!

Our Plate at Vikings

Vikings Our Plate Appetizers

Starting our meal with appetizers..

Vikings Our Plate Italian

..then with a piece of pizza…

Vikings Our Plate Japanese

Add some sushi and maki there

Vikings Our Plate Korean

how about some Korean dishes wrapped in lettuce?

Vikings Our Plate Misc Dishes

I grabbed an entire row of dishes! All of them were screaming for rice!

Vikings Our Plate Steak

…lastly, I had to stop as I need to make room for steak!

And that brings us to the end of our tour. As much as I want to take a pic of each dish; this was all that I was able to do and I leave the rest to your visit to Vikings.

Disclosure: Vikings paid for our meal. 

Till next time,




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21 thoughts on “Vikings Buffet at SM Jazz

  1. This is my favorite Vikings branch so far. It’s near to my location and the ambiance of the place is just WOW amazing! :)

  2. Vikings is one of the best buffets I had so far. I hope to visit this branch soon, it’s really near where I live and where I work!

  3. Vikings conquered the restaurant business by storm. Their outlets are multiplying and the food’s awesome.

  4. This is the buffet for me! It’s nice that they serve sushi, that’s my favorite! I wish we have that here in our SM branch

    • Which sm branch are you from? ☺ with the rate on how vikings is expanding, soon they might open there hehe lets hope!

  5. nice photos….we’ve been waiting for the opening of Vikings here in Bacolod City. Hopefully this first quarter of 2015

  6. Been only to its MOA branch. wow! yummy foodies uli. I mage tambay sa Chinese, Western and Dessert station lang eh.

  7. leybainpublic says:

    Finished my lunch but your post made me hungry, again! Gotta grab some desserts!!!!

  8. We have the Vikings near work at Jazz residences. I’m excited to try it out.

  9. Vikings!!! Eat like a Viking…. Well, we have here in Davao too. Hopefully, we could visit Vikings Jazz!

  10. I’ve only been to the Vikings in SM Auro and totally enjoyed my dining experience! I have not heard of SM Jazz before, there seems to be more and more malls sprouting every year in Manila.

    Would love to try this location too when I visit next time.

  11. I’ve been to Vikings Davao and same ambiance with that in SM Jazz, the only different is that they have a long table for a big gatherings.

  12. Finally its open. We were wondering when it would start operations because we were waiting since last year. It’s just walking distance from the office. Good entry on this one Allen!

  13. This is the first time that I know that Vikings has is a world-class resto and offers most of the countries fave dishes. They’re all so yummy and delicious the way I look at them.

  14. I’m glad that it caters not only to meat eaters, but also those who want to live on the healthy side. My sister is a vegetarian and I usually think twice before bringing her to buffets.

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