Vikings Luxury Buffet Actual

Vikings Luxury Buffet Actual


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First of all, I hope the previous two posts were already enough to show you what to expect at Vikings because…

I’m checking my pictures here and I realized that I took very few pictures of the food I placed on my plate.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Rib Eye

Roast Rib Eye Beef

This was the first time I saw rib eye on a buffet so I made sure I got some. If you can eat a lot of rib eye then you can already ensure that the buffet price would be worth it.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Lobster


I got myself this lobster as I was curious on how it will taste and tuna panga to go with it. You will need to put some seafood on your plate then submit it to the cooks for grilling.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Special Pizza

Vikings Pizza

It is a white cheese pizza in a thin crust. I kept going back for more for some reason.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Peking Duck

Peking Duck and Dim Sum

I have always been a fan of Peking duck so upon seeing it there, I couldn’t stop myself from getting a pieces even if it was at the opposite edge of the buffet table.

Apologies for the lack of pictures because as soon as I finished going around the place, I hid my camera and started eating. Was.Already.Very.Hungry. I still hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant, San Miguel by the Bay
Bldg. B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 846-3888

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  1. One trip is never enough! Good thing they have the birthday promo.

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