Vikings Luxury Buffet Displays Part 2

Vikings Luxury Buffet Displays Part 2


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We are now on part 2 and…

Vikings Luxury Buffet Baked Oysters Vikings Luxury Buffet Shabu Shabu

… let me start with some baked oysters and shabu-shabu!

Vikings Luxury Buffet Appetizers Cerviche

In terms of appetizers, they have a lot and some of these were bite sized goodness from different European and Mediterranean cuisines.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Appetizers Boursin Vikings Luxury Buffet Cheese and Sausages

Perhaps, you might like cheese, sausages and crackers?

Vikings Luxury Buffet Roast Station

But the place that you should visit first would be their roast and grilling station because stocks are limited and there’s usually a long line. In the roast section, you can request for tenderloin, lamb, turkey and rib-eye (first for me). They have veggies, potatoes and different kinds of gravy for you to dip your meat in.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Raw Seafood Grill Vikings Luxury Buffet BBQ 1

For the grilling station, you can choose some kebabs and other BBQ or get some raw seafood to be cooked. Scallops usually runs out fast here so make that your priority.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Tempura

Just beside it would be tempura heaven where they never seem to run out.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Pasta Vikings Luxury Buffet Pizza

Now, if you move a bit to the edge, you will find their pasta and pizza station. For the pasta, you can decide on the pasta and the sauce. For the pizza, they serve two variants where one of them is the Viking’s Special which is more of a cheese pizza.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Desserts 3 Vikings Luxury Buffet Desserts 2 Vikings Luxury Buffet Desserts

If you still have room for your stomach, then you can proceed with the desserts. They have cakes, chiffon cakes, cheese cakes, yogurts, fruits, ice cream and yogurt for you to try out.

I hope I made you hungry because in the next post would be the actual eating of the food!

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Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant, San Miguel by the Bay
Bldg. B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 846-3888

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