Vikings Luxury Buffet Displays

Vikings Luxury Buffet Displays


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After being told about it last year, we finally managed to eat at Vikings Luxury Buffet located at San Miguel By the Bay, Mall of Asia and it made think why didn’t we eat here earlier? The food was overflowing and they just keep on refilling. There were a lot of choices and different cuisines featured. The place had a nice ambiance where you would think you are inside a ship (Vikings ship?). Although it is a bit more expensive than other buffets, it is still cheaper than hotel rates.

Before we start the presentation, let me show you their menu and prices so that you will know how much you will spend when you eat here.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Menu

Vikings Buffet Prices

  Lunch Dinner
Adults PHP 688 PHP 888
Kids 4ft to 4ft 6” PHP 388 PHP 588
Kids 3ft to 4ft PHP 288 PHP 388
Kids below 3ft Free Free
75 years old and above 50% Special Discount
  Lunch Dinner
Adults PHP 1,088 PHP 1,088
Kids 4ft to 4ft 6” PHP 688 PHP 688
Kids 3ft to 4ft PHP 488 PHP 488
Kids below 3ft Free Free
75 years old and above 50% Special Discount

Now that we have gotten that out of our system, let us start the display of food! I’ll try to break this post down into two posts as there’s a lot of pictures!

Vikings Luxury Buffet Maki Vikings Luxury Buffet Sushi Boat
Vikings Luxury Buffet Sushi Vikings Luxury Buffet Sashimi Fresh

Feast your eyes on selection of sushi, maki and sashimi! Well, you can eat them too but as for me, I just look at them. The fresh sashimi is a sight to see!

Vikings Luxury Buffet Dimsum

For their dim sum section, they offer siomai (hakao, pork and shrimp, scallop), different types of sio paos and chicken feet.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Salad Vikings Luxury Buffet Salad 2 Vikings Luxury Buffet Create your own salad

For salads, you can get from the available salads or you can create your own.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Bread Choices

If you like bread, they also have quite a few selections available.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Juice Section Vikings Luxury Buffet Draft Beer Station

They also serve free drinks! Choose from different juices (orange, dalandan, four seasons, pineapple), soda, sago gulaman and even draft beer!

Well, that’s it for now. I will continue more on their displays on my next post. We are just starting!

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Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant, San Miguel by the Bay
Bldg. B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 846-3888

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  1. I’m about to try Vikings after work today with my office mates. :> The place looks great, I hope we have a good time later on.

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