Vittorio’s Steak House

Vittorio’s Steak House

Tomahawk (1.4 kg) with Family Steak Rice with Mixed Green Salad

I love eating steaks however, not all steaks love me. They usually need me to puncture my wallet so usually I just get my steak fix from buffets so I can eat a lot. However, there are times that it is OK to splurge a bit when you know that you are getting good value for your money (no, not those 1k to 2k steaks that are smaller than my fist). One example would be at Vittorio’s Steak House.

Vittorio’s Steak House used to be at Kamuning but now housed at Tomas Morato. It is owned by Chef Victor Daluz Jr who has gained experience from his past work at different places in the USA. Now he has opened up his restaurant to personally cook steaks to satisfy steak lovers.

It was gloomy Saturday when we visited Vittorio’s with other foodies. We didn’t let the weather affect us as we met new friends and had great chats with Chef Victor himself. Moments later, food started pouring in and our adventure starts!

Main Dishes and Steaks

Vittorio's Buffalo Wings

Vittorio’s Buffalo Wings – PHP 210

Starting off with Buffalo Wings which gets my instant approval for not being too spicy. There’s a mild kick but it won’t irritate your nose nor carve your throat.

Vittorio's Pan Seared Hanging Tender with Salad

Vittorio’s Pan Seared Hanging Tender with Salad – PHP 385

Vittorio's Tossed Green and Spinach Salad

Vittorio’s Tossed Green and Spinach Salad – PHP 210

We had two salad dishes for lunch. The spinach salad was something new as I’m used to eating lettuce. However, I’m glad that the cheese and honey reduced the learning curve. As for the hanging tenders; it was my instant favorite (before the steak came in). It was the teaser that gave us bite-size red meat for what’s coming next (oh yeah, it had salad too).

Vittorio's Seafood Linguine

Vittorio’s Seafood Linguine – PHP 320

The seafood linguine was loaded with seafood! It had fish, shrimps, clams and mussels in a creamy red sauce. If I wasn’t preparing my tummy for the steak; I’d love to finish one order by myself.

Vittorio's Fish Fillet Gratin with Rice

Vittorio’s Fish Fillet Gratin with Rice – PHP 270

Among the preview dishes; only the fish gratin didn’t cause a change in my expression.

So what’s coming up? Well.. prepare … yourself… for… the… 1.4 kg TOMAHAWK!!!!

Tomahawk (1.4 kg) with Family Steak Rice with Mixed Green Salad

Tomahawk (1.4 kg) with Family Steak Rice with Mixed Green Salad – PHP 3280

Slices of cooked meat topped with fat trimmings and allowed to swim in its own oil! The fat trimmings were a great idea and a great rice finisher! We even suggested if they can add this on the menu (steak fat-silog anyone?) Each slice was tender and makes you want to eat more. It was delicious! Although some slices tend to have more fat but that can easily be trimmed off (or taken home for your own version of steak fat-silog).

The tomahawk was the most expensive steak in the menu. They also have Ribeye (PHP 1,295 / PHP 2,099), Porterhouse (PHP 2,599), and Sirloin (PHP 710).

It wasn’t over yet because next up would be the…


Vittorio's Good Shepherd Ube Ice Cream

Vittorio’s Good Shepherd Ube Ice Cream – PHP 140

Vittorio's Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Vittorio’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream – PHP 140

My personal favorite would be the Ube Ice Cream! It tasted and felt like Ube Jam (halaya) which was frozen (and converted to ice cream).

Vittorio's Apple Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

Vittorio’s Apple Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream – PHP 175

Vittorio's Dark Chocolate Cake

Vittorio’s Dark Chocolate Cake – PHP 168

Dark Chocolate Cake would be my preference here. It was soft, moist and not so bitter!

Vittorio’s serves quality steaks and the price? It’s a bit cheaper as compared to Texas Roadhouse or Wolfgang’s (why these two? because I love their steaks and would be willing to splurge for them!). Now I have a new steakhouse to add to my “splurge list”.

Disclosure: Vittorio’s Steak House paid for our meal. 

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Vittorio’s Steak House
32 Scout Borromeo Street, South Triangle,
Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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