The Wagyu Burgers of Village Tavern

The Wagyu Burgers of Village Tavern

Village Tavern Wagyu Burgers

Wow! This marks my third time to visit Village Tavern and at every visit, I get to taste something new! For today, we had a taste of the latest creations by Chef Boutwood (Bistro Corporate Chef) which would be the Wagyu Burgers. Sandwiched between their pretzel buns, these wagyu burgers come in four toppings to choose from. But first, let us take a moment to appreciate what Wagyu means…

the Wagyu (personal description)

…Wagyu… Wagyu initially comes from Japan where their cattle/cows are treated like kings with a special diet (with beer), pillows for their feet to avoid muscle growth and massaged so their meat remains tender, fatty and marbled. Once butchered, these meat delivers a premium quality and taste that we would love to have in every steakhouse!

the Pretzel Bun

The burgers are sandwiched by pretzel buns. Honestly, I only heard of these pretzel buns from Wendy’s but I haven’t tried it yet; only here at Village Tavern. The pretzel buns bring a crunchy way to the usually soft bun. It was also unusually absorbent as it absorbed some of patty juice that would have dripped to my hand.

the four Wagyu Burgers

now, let us meat meet the Wagyu Burgers of Village Tavern. Each burger has the same patty and pretzel bun and only the toppings separate them. The patty itself was very juicy and delicious! It doesn’t only look big but it was very filling too! I only had four quarters but halfway, I was giving up as my stomach couldn’t expand further!

Village Tavern Foie Gras Wagyu Burger

Village Tavern Foie Gras Wagyu Burger – PHP 890

Let’s start with the burger that I can’t even pronounce the topping properly. I initially pronounced it as “phoy gras” while others call it “fhog grah“. To add to my ignorance, I don’t know how it should taste like so this would be the normal burger among the four for me.

Village Tavern Reuben Wagyu Burger

Village Tavern Reuben Wagyu Burger – PHP 590

Next up, we have the breakfast burger! You have a sunny-side up egg, homemade corned beef brisket and pickled cabbage (sour) … oh wait, don’t forget the wagyu patty! Here’s an example on where we can see the absorbing power of the pretzel bun… patty juices and egg yolk spillage? no problem! For this burger, I’d love to eat it with fork and knife

Village Tavern Tequila Wagyu Burger

Village Tavern Tequila Wagyu Burger – PHP 625

For those who want a kick to their burger, they wouldn’t be disappointed with the Tequila burger. Despite my weakness to spicy food, this was my favorite among the four. I didn’t feel that it had toppings as the toppings had blended perfectly to the burger. It also comes with a pink mayo like dip which was for those who want a stronger kick! I didn’t dare.

Village Tavern Truffle Wagyu Burger

Village Tavern Truffle Wagyu Burger – PHP 625

Lastly, we have the truffle wagyu burger which I can simplify as a bacon mushroom melt… minus the bacon! Loved the taste of the shiitake mushrooms on this!

So there you have it! The four new Wagyu Burgers from Village Tavern! I just have to say that these are huge yet yummy and delicious burgers so prepare your appetite and don’t underestimate it.

Disclosure: The Village Tavern paid for our meal.

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