Watami Lunch

Watami Lunch


While strolling through MOA with a mission to find us a place for lunch, I stumbled upon Watami. Watami, Japanese Casual Restaurant, is the newest restaurant under the bistro group and as I passed by, the waitress gave me a coupon for a free dish so that was enough reason for us to try this new place out.

Watami Crispy Chicken Wings

Watami Crispy Chicken Wings – PHP 195

This was the free dish we got from the coupon and it one of their best sellers. It was fried (double deep fried?) chicken with a sweet sauce with sesame seeds. The chicken skin was crunchy and the chicken meat was juicy. It didn’t take long for us to empty this plate.

Watami Pepper Beef Rice in Stone Pot

Watami Pepper Beef Rice in Stone Pot – PHP 190

One of the first dishes to come out and I was caught unprepared as the waiter mixed them all up so I wasn’t able to get a “before” picture. Taste-wise, it was very similar to pepper lunch / sizzling pepper steak and with the spoonful I tried, I couldn’t determine which was better. You have to mix it very carefully else the rice at the bottom would get burnt.

Watami Self-Grilled Short Ribs

Watami Self-Grilled Short Ribs – PHP 295

Another one of their best sellers. This is something that you would usually see in a Korean restaurant where the beef will be cooked in front of you…

Watami Self-Grilled Short Ribs Cooking

…first, put them on a pan…

Watami Self-Grilled Short Ribs  Cooked

…wait till they have achieved the “I’m cooked” color of brown….

Watami Self-Grilled Short Ribs Finished

..add some potatoes to finish the cooking.

Although it had a nice aroma to it, I felt that it was a bit bland but none the less, it was empty as soon as the meat’s heat was tolerable to eat.

Watami Assorted Skewer

Watami Assorted Skewer – PHP 295

From left to right they are the following: Chicken Wing Skewer, Chicken Breast Skewer, Beef and Spring Onion Rolls Skewer, Chicken Thigh Skewer, and lastly, pork and Enoki Mushroom Skewer. Among these, only the 3rd and the 5th one introduced something new to my taste.

Watami Beef Sukiyaki

Watami Beef Sukiyaki – PHP 365

As for soup, we had Sukiyaki. This will also get cooked in front of you similar to the short ribs. A mix of beef, vegetables, tofu and mushrooms with a sweet sauce. Once the water boils then be served…

Watami Beef Sukiyaki Cooked

…and it looks like this (the egg is added last).

This one I like! The broth was sweet and you can taste the beefy goodness in every sip. As for the other ingredients, they were just there but I barely noticed them except for the meat.


Thanks to michymichymoo for sharing Watami’s menu, I was able to identify our missing ramen dish.

Watami Nagasaki Style Ramen in Pork Broth

Watami Nagasaki Style Ramen in Pork Broth – PHP 295

A good mix of corn, pork broth, vegies and seafood which gave us a good start to our meal. I just noticed that the soup makes my throat itch though.

Watami, Japanese Casual Restaurant, serves good food at an affordable price (something I was surprised knowing that they are part of the bistro group). They serve a lot of Korean and Japanese dishes and I’d love to go back to try more of their food.

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  1. I wasn’t able to try the Sukiyaki when we went there, maybe I’ll try it on my next visit. BTW, I have a copy of their menu. Let me know if you need a copy. :)

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