Wee Nam Kee Dinner

Wee Nam Kee Dinner

Wee Nam Kee

For my last dinner before I go home to Iloilo, Jessa and I ate at Wee Nam Kee. I just randomly picked a restaurant along Ayala Triangle where the reservation queue wasn’t very long.

Wee Nam Kee serves Singaporean Cuisine. Inside the restaurant, you would notice that there would be two rooftops facing each other. This is to give it an ambiance of eating outside in the house similar to how it is done in Singapore’s street food. So what do they serve aside from the dish that’s part of their name?

Wee Nam Kee Sauce

But first, let’s talk about these three little containers that are placed on each table. These would be the ingredients of the sauce for the Hainanese chicken; pounded ginger, chili sauce and oyster sauce. Hainanese chicken would not taste good without the presence of these three.

Let’s move on to the food. We ordered the rice meals instead of ala carte so that we don’t need to pay extra for rice.

Wee Nam Kee Asado Pork Rice

Wee Nam Kee Asado Pork Rice – PHP 175

The pork asado or BBQ pork as they interchange it in the menu was delicious! It was soft and tender and I believe that we made the right choice of ordering this instead of the roast pork (based on other reviews I’ve read). One thing to note was that I like how they separated the asado sauce so that you can use it as a dip if you’d like. I didn’t use it as the pork was good enough as it is.

Wee Nam Kee Honey Crisp Squid

Wee Nam Kee Honey Crisp Squid – PHP 350

Although the most expensive among the three dishes we had, it was also the one where we had difficulty in finishing. Aside from the ample serving size, the squid proved to be a challenge to chew. It was sweet yet my molars suffered from crunch after crunch.

Wee Nam Kee Roast Chicken Rice Set

Wee Nam Kee Roast Chicken Rice Set2

Wee Nam Kee Roast Chicken Rice Set – PHP 168

The star of the show and for good reason. It was generally white meat (something I’d pass over if offered leg or thigh), it was juicy and flavorful. I’m a newbie in terms of creating my own sauce but I did my best and somehow, I made a sauce that’s too heavy on the ginger but pairing it with the chicken makes it alright.

Minus the challenging squid, we enjoyed our dinner at Wee Nam Kee. Both the pork and the chicken were just bursting with flavors that 1 cup of rice wasn’t enough. There’s still a lot of items from their menu that I’d like to try like cereal prawns and .. how can I miss this on my visit, Mango Sago!?

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Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave.
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 846-8925

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  1. i wanna try their pork asado. i love their chicken rice or chicken noodles.

  2. I want to try their Hainanese Chicken for the longest time! :)

  3. It looks delicious!!!!!! I want to eat it right now! :P

  4. Ive been in wee nam kee the food is great but they must work on their customer service!

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