Wild Willy Real American Chicharones

Wild Willy Real American Chicharones

Wild Willy Real American Chicharones


October 09, 2010

On a Saturday where I really don’t have any direction on what to do, I decided to stay at home to watch some Korean Dramas (Personal Taste). I did my preparations like connecting my laptop and TV, no lights for that movie effect and most importantly, food and drinks. Since this is a food blog, let us focus on the food aspect.

I would like to introduce you to the food that kept my mouth and stomach entertained while my eyes (and heart) are being entertained by the show. Presenting, Wild Willy’s Real American Chicharones (what a long name!). This chicharon snack comes in three flavors (Vinegar, salted and hot and spicy), but I have not yet seen the “hot and spicy” variant yet in supermarkets.

So what can we expect from this chicharon? Will it be a match against the chicharon that we can buy from other vendors? This is the first time I saw chicharon packed like this… in a snack way or what .. I’m not really sure of the term, is it foiled or something? Let the tasting begin…

Wild Willy Real American Chicharones 2


I opened the vinegar flavored one so that I don’t have to add vinegar anymore. My first bite was looking for that sour taste (high expectations for the sour taste) but I couldn’t barely taste the sourness. I can consider this both as good and bad thing for this snack. Bad because it is not that flavorful (compared to dipping it in vinegar) though it still was able to capture the chicharon taste (great!). Good because this could only mean that they did not add a lot of artificial flavoring just to enhance the flavor and stimulate our taste buds.

However, as I ate more, I feel like something was missing… so I went to my refrigerator and found a red can. Now, we have a partner for the chicharon. See the picture below to know what it is.

Wild Willy Real American Chicharones with Red Horse

Overall, I was impressed by this snack, Wild Willy’s Chicharon. It captures the chicharon taste very well without being too flavorful that will give you a weird after taste (imagine all those flavor enchancers). But still, eat chicharon in moderation as it is not the healthiest of snacks. A good job

SRP btw,

  • P24.75 for the 50 grams
  • P42.75 for the 90 grams.

Wild Willy Real American Chicharones is available at any supermarkets.

Disclosure: The product was sent for review by Leslie’s.

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  1. hungrybee says:

    lol, drinking red horse while watching korean series? haha! anyway, you can also try to buy the yummy Lapid’s chicharon in SM malls. hmm and now I’m craving for something salty..

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