Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – Now in the Philippines

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – Now in the Philippines

Wolfgang Steakhouse Porterhouse

Wolfgang Steakhouse Porterhouse

Fellow Carnivores, prepare your appetites (and wallet) as a trip to Wolfgang’s Steakhouse will show you one of the biggest yet tender steaks in the metro.

It makes me happy that foreign restaurants keep opening their doors here at the Philippines. Aside from helping our economy, it also helps us to try restaurants from other countries without the need to fly out. So from New York, here’s Wolfgang’s Steakhouse.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is named after Wolfgang Zwiener and their specialty is 100% dry-aged prime steaks (special mention on the porterhouse). Let’s dissect the adjectives shall we?

Prime is the highest grade for beef; followed by choice and select in terms of quality. You won’t usually see these in supermarkets but on hotels and high-end restaurants. Dry-aging is a process where beef is stored at controlled temperatures for a month or so; allowing the beef to naturally tenderize and be more flavorful.

Of course, quality doesn’t come cheap so it was an eye-opener for me to see the prices of their steaks and now, allow me to share with you what we had that day.


Wolfgang Steakhouse Salad

Wolfgang Steakhouse Wolfgang Salad – PHP 438

Our meal started with the Wolfgang Salad. It was an attempt to eat greens while secretly hunting those shrimps and bacon bits.

Wolfgang Steakhouse German Potatoes

Wolfgang Steakhouse German Potatoes – PHP 258

My default partner for steak would be mashed potato but our server suggested for us to try the German Potatoes. The potatoes were boiled, sauteed and baked; and sadly a few bits were burnt in the process. It was like eating potato chips but thicker and not crunchy.

Wolfgang Steakhouse Steak Rice

Wolfgang Steakhouse Steak Rice – PHP 228

or if you are a rice person, the steak rice would be a good choice. They also have plain rice per cup.

Wolfgang Steakhouse Grilled Salmon

Wolfgang Steakhouse Grilled Salmon – PHP 1198

The grilled salmon … umm.. yeah, salmon. As long as it doesn’t have a fishy smell, I’m happy with salmon so I’m happy with their grilled salmon.


Now for the steaks. They have already been sliced so all you have to do is to get a piece and eat.

Wolfgang Steakhouse Ribeye

Wolfgang Steakhouse Ribeye – PHP 3498

First up would be the Rib-Eye Steak. It was very thick yet the knife easily cuts through it. Gravy? What’s that? There’s absolutely no need for it at all as the beefy meaty flavor has you covered. Don’t forget to chomp on the bone to make sure none is wasted.

Wolfgang Steakhouse Porterhouse

Wolfgang Steakhouse Porterhouse – PHP 4498/1kg; 6698/1.5kg; 8998/2kg

Finally, we have their porterhouse. The porterhouses are sold at 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg increments. At the gym, the weights are light but on food, you better prepare your tummy. Similar to the rib-eye, thickness wasn’t an issue as it was very tender. Although in terms of flavor, the porterhouse is more on the salty side. Again, there’s no gravy but if you insist, you can dip it on the butter-like sauce where the porterhouse swam.

We seriously underestimated our order of porterhouse that after the first WOW feeling; it started to become challenging and at the end; our group wasn’t able to finish everything.  They say this was good for four? Four giants I guess. Oh well, not a bad problem especially since I got to take home the leftovers.

The prices at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was pretty intimidating but you will get what you pay for. Only the highest quality grade of steak to ensure your satisfaction. The porterhouse are made for sharing so come in groups to enjoy it. Wine is also recommended to pair with your steaks. Be sure to ask your waiter for recommendations.

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