Yabu New Dishes Roundup – Oroshi Katsu, Tori Menchi Katsu with Appetizers

Yabu New Dishes Roundup – Oroshi Katsu, Tori Menchi Katsu with Appetizers

Yabu Oroshi Katsu


I have to admit that Yabu has been one of my go-to restaurants whenever I’m in a mall that has a Yabu branch. If I’m tired of thinking where to eat; why not at Yabu right? I have tried quite a number of their katsu dishes and I always go out with a smile and larger than before tummy. One day while we were at SM Aura, we were looking for a place to eat! I’m happy to see that business was thriving there as all restaurants have long waiting queues but we ended up lining up for Yabu.

For today, we ordered their new dishes (well, new for me but it has been available for a few months now). Let us start with…

Yabu Chicken Salad

Yabu Chicken Salad
Fresh seasonal vegetables tossed with shredded chicken and crisp wanton strips in mustard vinaigrette

I love eating salad with meat on them and Yabu’s chicken salad is no exception. Crunchy wanton strips and  yummy chicken shredded! I ended up eating more of the non veggie parts though.

Yabu Kimuchi Tofu

Yabu Kimuchi Tofu
Soft Pillowy tofu topped with fresh kimuchi

Another new appetizer which has a Korean twist with the addition of Kimchi toppings. I was very hesitant in trying this because I’m scared of the supreme spiciness of Kimchi but the server assured us that it is not spicy as the Korean version. In fact, it wasn’t that spicy at all but rather sweet.

Yabu Menchi and Seafood Katsu Set

Yabu Menchi and Seafood Katsu Set – PHP 530
Menchi, Prawn, Cream Dory, Squid, Eggplant, Pepper

We also had the Menchi Katsu set. Menchi is their katsu with minced pork / meat and cheese and for this set, it got combined with several seafood katsu.

Yabu Tori Menchi Katsu

Yabu Tori Menchi Katsu – PHP 385
Ham and oozing cheese enveloped in minced chicken, fried with fresh golden panko breading.

The Tori Menchi Katsu is the brother of their menchi katsu. Instead of ground pork or meat, chicken was used. They also added ham … now that if you think about it, this is like chicken cordon bleu! Similar to my experience with Menchi, it doesn’t give me the ooooohhhhh feeling. If ever I’ll order this, I’ll order it ala carte as the oozing cheese makes it hard to eat it with rice.

Yabu Oroshi Katsu Kurobuta

Yabu Oroshi Katsu Kurobuta – PHP 595
Topped with grated radish and spring onions. Served with a citrusy, ponzu-based sauce. To enjoy, squeeze the grapefruit on the katsu, then pour the sauce. A refreshing take on your favorite katsu.

Last but not the least would be their Orochi which looked very interesting. Your favorite katsu topped with radish and spring onions. It is accompanied with ponzu-sauce and a slice of grapefruit. As I’m not familiar with the preparation, I poured the ponzu sauce all over it… then squeezed the grapefruit. However, you are supposed to do it the other way around.

Yabu Oroshi Katsu Kurobuta - Sauce Poured

Yabu Oroshi Katsu Kurobuta – Sauce Poured

With the katsu drenched with ponzu sauce, you don’t need to dip it into the katsu sauce. I tasted a combination of flavors of sweetness, sourness and a hint of bitterness. Since it was kurobuta, my teeth literally went through the katsu with no effort at all. Delicious but it needs getting used to when eating it.

Once again, we left Yabu with a satisfied smile and a waist-line that grew two inches!

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