Yabu Unleashes the Katsu Burger

Yabu Unleashes the Katsu Burger

Yabu Hire Katsu Burger2

Yabu Hire Katsu Burger – Half

… and I was there to gobble it all up!

Yabu has really grown as compared to three years ago when my teeth first sank into the deep-fried goodness that they call Rosu Katsu. Months and years later, more branches came and more dishes also came with it. The new dishes that Yabu has launched has always been with rice but that changes today!

Say hello to Yabu’s newest creation; Katsu Burgers! Have your pick from either Hire or Ebi Katsu sandwiched by toasted brioche buns. This would be my first time to try toasted brioche buns and they were very soft with a light toasted crunch. They were simply there as placeholders as they won’t distract you from enjoying the katsu burgers they hold inside.

Yabu Hire Katsu Burger

Yabu Hire Katsu Burger – PHP 360

The Hire (no hint of fat) Katsu Burger literally had hire katsu in it. No minced pork or ground pork here but pure un-sliced hire katsu (that may have been plucked from someone else’s order; a noble sacrifice for the greater good). Upon first bite, I immediately recognized that familiar taste of hire katsu with shredded cabbage and tonkatsu sauce. However, my brain was confused as it was telling me to eat it with rice. It wasn’t ready to accept that this is a katsu burger and not a katsu with rice meal.

Yabu Ebi Katsu Burger

Yabu Ebi Katsu Burger – PHP 420

The Ebi Katsu Burger was full of surprises. Again, no minced shrimp or whatever extenders that you think of… but simply pieces of tiger prawns clumped together to form that burger patty. It comes with the same ingredients as with the hire katsu burger except the sauce where it has spicy aioli sauce instead of tonkatsu sauce. It was amazing to see the amount of prawns this burger had and much more amazing when you get to actually taste it; just pure prawn goodness with a light spicy kick.

Yabu Ebi Katsu Burger

Yabu Ebi Katsu Burger – Half

I enjoyed both burgers and each of them as a specific purpose. If you want something heavy and filling then go for the Hire Katsu Buger while if you want something light yet very satisfying then go for the Ebi Katsu Burger. But if you want the best of both worlds then order both!

Yabu Furikake French Fries

Yabu Furikake French Fries – PHP 175

Each order of the katsu burgers comes with either chicken salad or the newly released Furikake Fries. Thick slices of fries sprinkled with Furikake. It comes with aioli dip (the non spicy version).

Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning meant to be sprinkled on top of rice. It typically consists of a mixture of dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and monosodium glutamate. (Wikipedia)

The only thing that might pose a problem when eating these burgers would be the word “Limited” on the menu. I do wish that these burgers are here to stay because it would definitely cater to those who want to enjoy Yabu without going heavy on the rice (as I usually do).

Disclosure: Yabu paid for our meal.

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