Yabu’s New Menchi Katsu Burger and Ippudo’s New Gyokai Tonkotsu

Yabu’s New Menchi Katsu Burger and Ippudo’s New Gyokai Tonkotsu

Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger

Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger

Yabu has recently released a new variant for their Katsu Burgers called “Menchi Katsu Burger“. Not to be outdone, Ippudo also released a new and unique ramen creation called “Gyokai Tonkotsu“.

Last August 2015, I wrote about Yabu unleashing their Katsu Burgers. I noted there that…

If you want something heavy and filling then go for the Hire Katsu Buger while if you want something light yet very satisfying then go for the Ebi Katsu Burger. But if you want the best of both worlds then order both!

Sad to say that the Hire Katsu Burger is gone. However, it was replaced by something cheesy and juicy named the Menchi Katsu Burger.

Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger2

Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger – PHP 380

Menchi Katsu Burger by Yabu

When I first tried the Menchi Katsu set; it didn’t really strike me as something that I would rave about and I just crossed it off my “to-try” list and ordered a Rosu Katsu. Due to this, I had my reservations with the Menchi Katsu Burger but those reservations disappeared after the first bite (or crunch).

My first reaction was … whooa juicy as the oil and cheese came oozing out after the first bite… followed by a second bite, and a 3rd … and a 4th and so on. In each bite, I spread a bit of spicy aoili (something I didn’t do on my earlier katsu burger experience) to add a kick to the already kick-a$$ burger. It was spicy but tolerable.

It made me look at the menchi katsu in a new light. I wouldn’t still order it as a set with unli rice etc.. but as burger, bring it on!

…after wiping off the silly satisfied smile off my face; we strolled along Megamall to find Ippudo for a new ramen experience.

Gyokai Tonkotsu by Ippudo

Ippudo Gyokai Tonkotsu

Ippudo Gyokai Tonkotsu – PHP 490

My memories of Ippudo would be light flavored Ramen with crushed garlic experience. It was not as flavor-heavy as the ramen broth that I usually order so I was kinda excited to hear about Gyokai Tonkotsu especially when I read about the broth composition. Broth was based on Tonkotsu + Chicken + Bonito and Shoyu! It has usually been one of them (except bonito) so this was the first time I’m seeing all of them together in one broth.

I have always ordered Tonkotsu or Miso for my broth; and the only time that I had chicken was with Kichitora of Tokyo (which I really enjoyed btw). So with two of my favorite broths in one dish… attack!

… and I got confused. To be honest, I can’t decipher the broth .. was it tonkotsu? was it chicken? or shoyu? oh who cares! I like sip it sip it! I like to sip it sip it! It was a unique taste that as per my ramen career and another thing; the noodles were different too. They were curly (like instant noodle curly) so felt different and it was more filling than the straight noodles.

We barely finished the ramen and I blame Yabu for their delicious burger!

Disclosure: Yabu and Ippudo paid for our meals

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