Yoshinoya Presenting its New Dishes

Yoshinoya Presenting its New Dishes


I was invited to partake in Yoshinoya Restaurant’s food parade of its eight (8) new dishes. It was held in their Robinson’s Galleria branch. Each of us will be served a sample of the dish and not the actual serving to ensure that we can taste each of the dishes. Although they were just small in comparison to the actual serving size, we were close to giving up when round 5 and 6 came. However, we still managed to finish all the viands (we can’t take anymore rice).

Let me show you their Yoshinoya’s new offerings (sample size and not the regular serving size).

Yoshinoya Pork Tonkatsu Sample

Pork Tonkatsu

The pork slices were thinner than usual (based on other Tonkatsu I’ve tried but probably that’s because it was a sample only) and the sauce was too flavorful for me to eat without rice.

Yoshinoya Tokyo Beef Sample

Tokyo Beef

Yum yum! I liked how their beef was able to contain the flavor and the beef itself had very little hard-to-chew ligaments

Yoshinoya Tokyo Chicken Sample

Tokyo Chicken

Grilled chicken in a delicious sauce. It might reminded me world’s chicken but the sauce (ginger based) said, no we are different!

Yoshinoya Veggie Beef Sample

Veggie Beef

This was very similar to Tokyo Beef but with vegetables.

Yoshinoya Pork Tempura Sample

Pork Tempura

This was something new for me (Tempura + pork). It’s like eating tonkatsu but with a different breading.

Yoshinoya Chicken Tempura Sample

Chicken Tempura

Similar to pork tempura but this time, it’s chicken. I liked this version more and my personal favorite among the eight dishes. I also realized that we were not given any tempura sauce but the breading itself was already glazed with a sweet sauce (tendon sauce).

Yoshinoya Shrimp Tempura Sample

Shrimp Tempura

The third version and the ingredient we would usually think first when we say tempura, shrimp. After eating all three tempura dishes, I would like to note that their tempura breading wasn’t crunchy enough for people to recognize it.

Yoshinoya Yoshi Chicken Sample

Yoshi Chicken

Deep fried chicken with a sweet honey-like sauce. This was the one that had the uncanny resemblance to the current fad of double-fried chicken with a special sauce.

After finishing all the samples, we were informed that we can order one (1) dish and it will be served to us in the regular serving size. We were all in unison when we requested to have it to-go instead. I ordered the chicken tempura as I just couldn’t get enough of the taste. I’m glad Yoshinoya added very familiar dishes when talking about Japanese cuisine. Will the raw foods be next or perhaps the burgers?

I would like to thank Rowena from Animetric and Yoshinoya Philippines for the opportunity to try out their new dishes.

Disclosure: The meal was sponsored by Yoshinoya via a blogger event.

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