Zaifu Lunch

Zaifu Lunch

Zaifu Seafood Ramen2

One day, after coming from Bahay Maria and we decided to eat lunch at Powerplant mall. Since we don’t usually go here, we went around to see what the restaurants were at the basement level (that’s where we found Empire Macarons) and ultimately decided on Zaifu, a Japanese Restaurant.

Since I was not in the mood for rice, I ordered ramen while Jessa ordered teriyaki. According to the waitress, their best sellers were Seafood Ramen and… umm.. what was it… errr…. sorry but I forgot the other one.

Zaifu Seafood Ramen

Zaifu Seafood Ramen – PHP 199

clear soup w/ seafood & vegetables

At first glance, I was amazed with the generous servings of seafood! It had shrimps, clams, mussels, and squid! The soup’s flavor was dominated by the mussels. It may come as bland if you compare it to the usual ramen soup but I had no problem with this because it brings out the natural flavor and freshness of the seafood. The noodle was thick and elastic. Very filling!

Please correct me if I’m wrong but when you say clear soup then it doesn’t belong to the usual soup bases such as Shio (salt), Shoyu (soy sauce) or Miso?

Zaifu Chicken Teriyaki Set

Zaifu Chicken Teriyaki Set2

Zaifu Chicken Teriyaki Set – PHP 179

The chicken teriyaki set comes with rice and egg soup. The chicken was grilled (reminds me of World Chicken) and the teriyaki sauce was sweet. I would consider this one of the better tasting chicken teriyaki that I’ve tried where the teriyaki sauce didn’t overpower the chicken taste. It was very flavorful that I kept stealing a piece from Jessa plate. The soup was what you would expect from an egg soup.

We were very hungry upon entering Zaifu and I was glad that they were fast in serving our food. Zaifu serves Japanese dishes at reasonable prices (especially since they are located in Rockwell). I would come back to try out their other dishes.

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Power Plant
G/F Power Plant Mall, Estrella St. cor Rockwell Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 898-1331

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  3. i want to try the zaifu seafood ramen! i’m sure it’s a great dish!

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