Zambales Trip March 2010

Zambales Trip on March 2010


Last March 13-14, 2010, me and my officemates went to Zambales to get ourselves worn out! Not really, it was tiring but a really fun experience.

As always, I brought my camera with me so that I can continue to practice my shot taking and learn more about my camera. I am happy to learn something new always on my camera as it helps me take better pictures. So let us start our pictures…

But before that, let me commend Verna and Norman for preparing the food which was cooked well by Neil and Arvin. Without their magic that night, we would have starved lol or ate something else.


Pork BBQ (Marinated by Verna/Norman , Cooked by Neil)

I don’t know how many sticks I ate but this was a best seller. The pork was tender and the black parts (overcooked) has a sweet crunch to it (did they add sugar or something?)


Grilled Tomato (Cooked by Arvin)

LoL by some chance, I never got to eat this because… I never tried. I was happy eating Pork BBQ and Liempo.


Grilled Liempo

I was late so I wasn’t able to take pictures of the liempo before it got massacred and chopped to pieces so this is all I got. -_- It was also good but I really liked the BBQ much better.

So there you have it, what we ate for you to see and hopefully drool in envy! LoL ^_^

It was really a fun trip and will be hoping for an encore soon on a different place next time.

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