Zark’s Burger Dinner and More by Quick Delivery PH

Zark’s Burger Dinner and More by Quick Delivery PH

Feb 18, 2011

Isn’t this a great coincidence? When I attended the opening of Max’s restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Chui from pinoytumblr mentioned to us to try out Zark’s Burger. Two days after I posted that blog post, I got an email from that they are giving me a chance to review Zark’s Burger, yes, Zark’s Burger! Due my schedule conflicts, I was only able to avail of it last Friday but better late than never right? I’m glad Reg from QuickDelivery was very accommodating to adjust the timings.

Let me break this post down into three parts (similar to what I did to Hawker 101).

  • The call
  • The delivery
  • The feast

The Call

My gift certificate is only valid from 1pm to 6pm yet I only managed to call at around 5pm because I had meetings before that. Since it was already 5pm, I believe I missed their current promo (but wait, I just realized that I’ll be using a blogger gift certificate so I can’t avail this promo);

10% Delivery Discount from 170+ restos for orders from 2PM-5PM. The Promo will run for the whole month of February. MONDAY – SUNDAY. OFF-PEAK Promo from 2PM-5PM available only for Cash Payment Delivery

So I called them up and told them that I was going to order from Zark’s Burger. I mentioned that I was going to pay via blogger gift certificate and I was put on hold for verification I guess. Then I proceeded to give my order. I have already made a list of my orders that totals around PHP800 but then I was told that they have a 10% service charge so I had to chop off some of my orders to make it fit. After providing my order, I gave my contact details (I thought they already knew my details so I was wondering why I have to provide it again based from the emails I got) then the passcode for the gift certificate. The call ended on 0510pm.

The Delivery

The delivery time was around 80-90 minutes since Zark’s is located in Taft Avenue while I’m currently in Makati. So that means that instead of a late afternoon snack, it would be my dinner already. I had another meeting scheduled so I couldn’t really monitor the time when the delivery arrived but I was informed that there was someone there waiting outside so I went out. It was around 7pm already. I gave my name and got the delivery, and was surprised that the delivery boy wasn’t informed that I’ll be using a blogger’s gift certificate. He called his office to confirm while I also got a call from them asking if I already received the delivery. A few minutes later and some clarifications, I brought in the delivery from Zark’s!

The Feast

So here we have as the feast. Actually, the other dishes were just fillers because I really wanted to see and try out their Tombstone burger.

  • Tombstone Burger = PHP500
  • Nachos Galore = PHP85
  • Chix N Chips = (BBQ Buffalo Sauce) = PHP95
  • French Fries (Lemon Garlic) = PHP 45

Nachos Galore

I ordered this one because I thought this was the upgraded version of their Nachos but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed because there were just a few bacon chunks added on top of regular nachos. I think they missed the extra “lemon garlic” sauce because there were supposed to be two (one from this and the french fries but I only saw one).

Chix N Chips

I liked the chicken fingers! I can ignore the fries because I’m not a fan but the chicken fingers were really good. :)

French Fries

This is another mistake of mine. The Tombstone burger already had fries, the chix and chips already had fries so why did I have to order another set of fries? :(

Tombstone Burger

So here it is. The main event after those fillers. I was really shocked at the size of this burger. Even just carrying it feels heavy already so I wonder how can someone finish a burger as big as this nor how can someone take a bite of it? Well, I did not try because I dissected it by first removing the bun then eating the patties one by one. There were two of us eating the tombstone burger and after two patties, we stopped to rest because it was so big, filling and tiring to eat. We saved the remaining for round 2 a few hours later.

For the burger taste, it was good at the start but you will get tired of eating it going to your 2nd or 3rd patty. I noticed also that it wasn’t made of 100% pure beef because I could taste some other things in the burger. I don’t know how to distinguish extenders from beef but one of my office mates tried and said he could taste extenders on it. So, I wasn’t really impressed with the taste of the burger but I’m still amazed at the size of it. It was something nice to experience one but I’d rather try their other burgers next time as the tombstone burger is not a cheap burger and it is more of gluttony already if you want to finish it (or if you just have a super big appetite).

I would like to thank Zark’s Burger and for this opportunity. Thank you very much :)

Till next time,


Zark’s Burgers, Taft Ave.
Zark’s Burgers, Taft Ave.
2464 Archer’s Nook, Taft Ave.
Manila, Metro Manila

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3 thoughts on “Zark’s Burger Dinner and More by Quick Delivery PH

  1. I’ve never seen in my life a burger like the, “Tombstone Burger”! How tall is that?! How would you eat that? Patties first?! Hehehe! I don’t care If there are extenders, as long as it doesn’t taste like a newspaper. LMAO! =)

    • It is as tall as my hand lol (I have small hands). I don’t think anyone can eat it like how you eat a normal burger… we just removed the bread, and ate it one patty at a time. :)

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