Zuzini Dinner at Boracay

Zuzini Dinner at Boracay


There are two prominent Greek restaurants in Boracay and that would Cyma and Zuzini. We ate at Zuzini because Cyma already has branches in Manila while Zuzini doesn’t. Another reason would be at the end of this post where it simply shouts, “you really have to try me!”. Lastly, since it was already late (~around 10pm), it was one of the few restaurants still open.

So now, let’s see what they have!

Zuzini Greek Pita Pizza Greek

Zuzini Greek Pizza – Greek (Feta and Olives) – PHP 275

What you read is what you get in this pizza. Aside from the tomato sauce, the only toppings it had was little chunks of Feta Cheese and Olives. The pizza doesn’t have a thin crust but it was very crunchy. The pizza had a sour taste thanks to the olives. I tried eating the olives on its own and it had enough sourness to make me cringe.

Zuzini Moussaka

Zuzini Moussaka – PHP 380

Moussaka is very similar to Lasagna where eggplants are used instead of pasta. This is one of my favorite Greek Dishes! It is cheesy, it is meaty and it was very tasty. The three main ingredients complimented each other and it was very nice for them to play in my mouth. The only thing that I would have wanted more was to remove the skin of the eggplant because it stops me from fully enjoying it.

Now with these two filling meals out of the way… it’s time for dessert!

Zuzini Mati Chocolate Sin

Zuzini Mati Chocolate Sin – PHP 250

Let’s discuss on what is with this Mati Chocolate Sin (chocolate lava cake). On the outside, it is sponge cake shaped like a volcano that’s ready to erupt. There’s also the presence of a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Now the important event for this dessert is when the volcano will erupt and spew warm, gooey and chocolaty lava. That would be when the fun begins as you would panic and try to stop the lava from flowing by picking it up with your spoon. The volcano won’t survive the explosion as it will also break down. The heat from the lava will melt the ice cream on the side and they will mix giving you a hot and cold feeling. Every spoonful of the chocolaty lava with a piece of volcano crust and melted ice cream is enough to close your eyes for a second and thank the heavens for this allowing you to witness a volcanic eruption.

May I tell you that this dessert is for sharing but I doubt if you can’t resist going solo for this dish. This was simply the best part of our meal!

We had a good and filling dinner at Zuzini. I’m still relatively new to the world of Greek Cuisine but so far I’m happy with what I have tried so far.

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Boracay Island, Near Boat Station 1
Malay, Aklan
(036) 288-4477

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7 thoughts on “Zuzini Dinner at Boracay

  1. I love Greek food! I love Moussaka but the plating in that Moussaka doesn’t look good. :(

    • Agree. :) No matter what angle I use, it doesn’t look good :(

      but don’t let the looks discourage you from trying it ;)

  2. I wish they’d open a branch here! Sounds like the Mati Chocolate Sin was such a delight – I wanna try it too!

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So what can you say? :)