About Stop! Look! and Capture!

About this blog Stop! Look! and Capture! and Me (Allen)

Let me tell you more about the author, Allen, and on why he created this blog.

Armed with his new Lumix ZS3 Camera , Allen enters the world of photography and realizes there is so much more than to simply point and shoot.

Update: I’m currently using a LG G2 phone to take photos as of January 2014.

Here are the goals that Allen wishes to achieve through this blog:

  • To learn more on photography
  • To be able to capture shots of great quality
  • To enjoy eating and learning about new food and cuisines
  • To see the weird looks on your friend’s face when you stop them because you want to capture the food first
  • To make new friends especially fellow foodies who share the same passion on food

Anyone can point and shoot and get a photo. However, to be someone who can point, shoot and capture a top quality picture is who Allen wants to be.

About content posted at this Blog:

The food featured here was paid from my own pocket (or my friends or family). We walk into a restaurant, browse the menu, order food, dine and pay for our meals as customers.

In the case that I was able eat the food for free such as when I attend blogger events or get invited to try a restaurant, a proper disclosure is added at the end of the post. Also, that same post would either be in the Reviews or Blogger Events category. Here’s a sample disclosure.

Disclosure: XXX paid for our meal. 

Event Invites / Request to be Featured

Feel free to invite me to your event, restaurant, try out your food related product. As long as I have time and I can fit it in my schedule, I promise to be there. I’m not bragging that I have a busy schedule but I just want to clarify that I have a day job aside from blogging.

However, I want to be transparent when I write. So when I like something, I will write that I like that something (will even rave or go into a frenzy if I love it). If I don’t like something, I’ll mention what I didn’t like about it and perhaps add suggestions. Please do not ask to control my content (e.g. write only good stuff). Also, a proper disclosure gets added at the end of the post.

Get in touch with me at my contact me page

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