Biannah’s Grill

Biannah’s Grill

Biannah's Grill
Biannah’s Grill

From a married couple who wanted to venture into food; Biannah’s grill offers simple Filipino cuisine that welcomes both families and group of friends alike.

Our third stop for the Zomato Hunger Games was at Bianna’s Grill. 

The name Bianna’s Grill came from the names of the owner’s daughters. Initially they wanted to name it using the concept of a steel container van but it wasn’t available for registration. At Bianna’s Grill you can enjoy dining in an air-conditioned space just beside a container van; or al fresco; with lights and fresh air for ambiance. It was a great spot to hangout, to just chill or relax, to catch-up with friends over buckets of beer. It was also a place where family gatherings can be done due to their spacious and huge tables!

As our third stop; I’m glad that the food we had were not on the heavy side but more of what you would eat when having a drinking session (pulutan for short!). I was even tempted to order a bottle of beer or make that two!

Biannah's Grill Pork Sisig
Biannah’s Grill Pork Sisig – PHP

We started out with pork sisig. It was how you would expect it to be; sizzling, crunchy and spicy! A crowd favorite although it was missing the mandatory beer bottles it’s commonly partnered with. Btw, check out their food art as it always amazed me how they can carve flowers (or other shapes) out of everyday food.

Biannah's Grill Supreme Nachos
Biannah’s Grill Supreme Nachos – PHP 200

You can’t get any simpler with their nachos with cheese, tomatoes and beef as their toppings. However, there was something with that cheese that made it so addicting! I think they grated off one bar of cheese just for one order! Simple joys.

Biannah's Grill Pinakbet
Biannah’s Grill Pinakbet – PHP 180

The pinakbet was loaded with pork and shrimps that gave it more appeal to meat lovers. It was the familiar pinakbet I know and as per the owner; the older generation love this! Choice of food for the #TitasofMarikina.

Biannah's Grill Crispy Tuna Tail
Biannah’s Grill Crispy Tuna Tail – PHP 400

The Crispy Tuna Tail was the highlight of our table. Usually I have seen tuna tail being used in sinigang but this was a first! The skin was peeled off and deep-fried to chicharon levels (that’s just me simplifying it as I don’t know the real cooking process). The result was a sticky yet crunchy bite that once again screams beer with me! Do note that there’s an actual tuna tail there with tuna meat after you finished off all the crunchy skin.

Biannah’s grill offers simply yet delicious food. It has the vibe of home-cooked meals but it is not to be underestimated. We enjoyed our meal here and to think of it; we haven’t tried their “grilled” items yet! Well, a reason to return I guess.

Disclosure: Biannah’s Grill paid for our meals

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Biannah’s Grill

22 General Ordonez Street
Marikina Heights
Marikina City

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