Bonchon Chicken Dinner

Bonchon Chicken Dinner

Bonchon Chicken

We were looking for a place to exchange money for our Hong Kong trip when I spotted BonChon Chicken at Greenbelt 1. I was curious about it so I suggested that we try the place out.

The place looks like a typical fast food place and there were a lot of people inside already (at around 6pm) which made me more curious. What makes people come here and to eat? To think that it is just fried chicken wings coated with a sauce or buffalo wings. Well, I simply had to try to find out.

We had 1 order of chicken wings (contains 6 pieces) and two cups of rice. They serve their chicken in two flavors, spicy and soy-garlic. They allow you to have both in just one order which was a good thing since we can try both at the same time.

Bonchon Chicken Chicken Wings

BonChon Chicken Wings – PHP 185

This was our order. We were given 6pcs where half was in soy-garlic and the other half was spicy. (in reality, that’s only three pieces of chicken wing because they chop each wing into two).

Bonchon Chicken Chicken Wings Soy Garlic

Chicken Wing in Soy Garlic Sauce

I liked this one. It has this sweet taste on its very crunchy skin which was a new experience for me. (I thought I was eating those branded popcorn, forgot the name…)

Bonchon Chicken Chicken Wings Spicy

Chicken Wing in Spicy Sauce

Spicy! It was spicy enough for me to try and drown the spiciness with rice. I’m not really a fan of spicy food.

Their chicken had a very crunchy skin and for me, that was the highlight of their fried chicken. The chicken meat inside was just normal and it tasted just like any normal chicken wing (delicious).

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Bonchon Crispy Chicken Bonchon Chicken, Greenbelt 1
Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 519-8438

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