Brennan’s Chocolate Truffles

Brennan’s Chocolate Truffles

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Brennan’s Chocolate Truffles enters the market with four distinct flavors that will surely trickle your taste-buds.

The chocolate truffles are made from the kitchen of Rochelle Locsin and she has named the products after her son, Brennan. It started as experiments which eventually got finalized into a product offering to the market.

Chocolate Truffles are bite-sized chocolate treats that are creamy with surprises in the middle*.

Brennan's Chocolate Truffles
Almond, Rhum, Coffee, Lemon (clockwise from left-most)

Currently, there are four flavors of the Brennan Chocolate Truffles.

  • Almond Truffles – Milk Chocolate with Amaretto Liquor
  • Rhum Truffles – Dark Chocolate with Rum
  • Coffee Truffles – Dark Chocolate with Kahlua 
  • Lemon Truffles – White Chocolate with Lemon Rinds

Here’s my thoughts upon trying each of these little balls of chocolate.

All of the chocolate truffles has this creamy and chewy nature that would just melt in your mouth. The Almond, Rhum, and Coffee each had a certain bitterness to them and I can smell the alcohol** (especially on the Amaretto from Almond) upon taking my first bite. Although the bitterness of almond and the rhum gets reduced due to the it being surrounded by crushed almonds and chocolate sprinkles respectively.

The Coffee would be the most bitter of them all since it doesn’t have any sweet coating.

The lemon truffles would be the kid-friendly version that has tiny coconut sprinkles all over it and no alcohol.


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Brennan’s Chocolate Truffles can be bought online at Marketa; but soon, they will open a branch at Makati. Shelf-life is six months as long as you put them in the freezer. For this Valentine’s day; they have a limited edition heart-shaped box that has 18 of these goodies!

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*I would have loved to use the description from Wikipedia but it had jargons (e.g. ganache) that I’d have to do more research so I just used my personal description.

**I really need to work on my drinking skills… just eating one of each was already enough to make me feel it in my head 

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