Cooking Essentials 101 – Kitchenware

Cooking Essentials 101 – Kitchenware

Cooking Essentials - Kitchenware
Cooking Essentials – Kitchenware

I have been wanting to cook for a while now and recently, I was able to achieve that goal. I have been cooking here at home simple recipes that I got from a recipe book and from recipes online.

I’d like to create this series of posts that would discuss the cooking essentials; basically what we need to have to start cooking. For now, let us start with the kitchenware or simply, the hardware we need for cooking.

Kitchenware - RangeHood
Kitchenware – RangeHood

Let us start with the range hood. My sister bought this while she was still living here so I just inherited this. It’s primary goal is to suck away the odors created by cooking (although not sure how effective it is) and provide light.

Kitchenware - Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchenware – Kitchen Cabinet

It took me a while to find a kitchen cabinet that would fit my tiny space. Although this wasn’t the perfect fit, I liked how it looks. It now serves as the place where I put my ingredients and the next item which would be the…

Kitchenware - Induction Cooker
Kitchenware – Induction Cooker (Philips)

Induction Cooker. The heart and soul of my cooking career. I was choosing between gas stove, electric stove or induction cooker and based on my research, this would win in terms of safety and efficiency. Although the cooking temperature it has were limited (5 settings only); I had been able to survive on it.

Kitchenware - Induction Cookware
Kitchenware – Induction Cookware – Frying Pan, Caserole

Since I have gone the induction route, all my cookware should also be induction cookware. I cannot use non induction cookware as it will not work or worse, might damage the cookware or the cooker. I bought a pan and a casserole. The pan is for frying and the casserole is for anything that has sauce or soups. I make sure that they have the label that says induction to be sure.

Kitchenware - Kitchen Utensils
Kitchenware – Kitchen Utensils – Turner, Ladle and Tong

In order to move the food around the cookware, we need the turner (for the frying pan) and the ladle (for the casserole). The tong is there to help with flipping when I’m having a hard time with the turner. These were all made of plastic so as to not scratch the cookware.

Kitchenware - Knives-ChoppingBoard-MeatTenderizer
Kitchenware -Knives, Chopping Board and Meat Tenderizer (Optional)

To prepare the ingredients, we need to be able to chop, slice, crush, dice and smash them. First, we need to have a chopping board that will serve as the base. Then the knives to do the needed separation of ingredients. I also bought a meat tenderizer but this is optional as you can tenderize meat via the knife. However, I just want to practice on how this works … and HULK SMASH!!!

Kitchenware - Measuring Cups
Kitchenware – Measuring Cups – One measures in cups, while other measures in tablespoon / teaspoon

Last but not the least would be the measuring cups. I should have bought this earlier rather than just estimate on the quantity and amount of ingredients to use. These would be the reason why you would see measurements in recipes. It is very handy as they come as a set.

Anything else I’m missing?

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