Cyma Lunch

Cyma Lunch

Cyma Opa

 whhhoooopaaaa!!! As we entered Cyma, we could hear the servers shout “Opa!” at every serving of Saganaki (“I call it flaming cheese”). That’s something unique to Cyma restaurant and we actually ordered one for the experience of hearing it again.

Cyma Saganaki Cyma Original

Cyma Saganaki Cyma Original – PHP 200

This was the Mozzarella version as they have a much more expensive / traditional greek cheese. Tasted like the “pizza-cheese”.

Cyma Roka Salata

Cyma Roka Salata – PHP 495

Not a fan of salad but I loved this one! Shaved cheese and walnuts were something new to me which added flavor to make you forget you’re eating “greens”.

Cyma Fillet Mignon

Cyma Fillet Mignon – PHP 500

The meat was tender (what’s with the cheese on top ? :) ) but it lacked flavor (bland).

Cyma Paidakia

Cyma Paidakia – PHP 650

It was ordered well done but we were given medium well I guess as I can still see some red juices when you go deep into the lamb ribs. It had the same lamb taste as the other lamb dishes I have tried but juicer. Since each rib has been separated from each other, you don’t need to slice to divide it but just grab one and start nibbling till you get to the bone.

Cyma Baby Back Ribs Half

Cyma Baby Back Ribs Half

Cyma Baby Back Ribs Half – PHP 650

First check was on the tenderness of the meat and it had this “falls-off-the-bone” characteristic. Now for the taste, tender and juicy and you don’t need to dip it in sauce.

Cyma Steak - Beef Tenderloin Souvlaki

Cyma Steak – Beef Tenderloin Souvlaki – PHP 430

Shish Kebab, is that what they this one? Well, I don’t know how this was supposed to be eaten. We ate the meat as a viand for rice and ate the pita bread separately. I was expecting a BBQ taste for this one but it wasn’t sweet. Beefy taste! The yogurt garlic sauce was really good!

Cyma Chicken Gyros

Cyma Chicken Gyros – PHP 160

Shawarma is that you? The big bro of the shawarma I used to eat at Buendia LRT. It had big servings of onions, tomatoes and chicken chunks. It was delicious but it was served very late that we were already full so it wasn’t that satisfying anymore.

Cyma Japanese Eggplant Moussaka

Cyma Japanese Eggplant Moussaka – PHP 250

Eggplant Lasagna? A new way to eat eggplant for me aside from tortang talong and fried eggplant. It had a similar taste resemblance to tortang talong due to the presence of ground beef/pork. Tasty!

Cyma Roasted cedar planked Salmon

Cyma Roasted cedar planked Salmon – PHP 360

Cyma Charcoal grilled Salmon

Cyma Charcoal grilled Salmon – PHP 360

Hmm Salmon… bow. :) Honestly, they taste very similar to any normal salmon dish.

Our lunch at Cyma was very filling! We enjoyed the food as they were delicious though pricey. Serving time could have been better as we were told that the dishes will be served in 15-20 minutes but that wasn’t met. We even had to follow-up on the gyro and Moussaka as we were nearly done with our meal when it arrived.

Cyma features Greek Cuisine so that would mean lots of lamb, shish kebabs and gyros. It offered something new to our Asian taste buds that have grown familiar to Chinese, Filipino and American food.

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Cyma, Greenbelt 2
G/F Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-4837

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