Foodpanda Delivery Review

Foodpanda Delivery Review


It has been a while since I used a 3rd party delivery service for food deliveries since I would either just call the restaurant or visit the restaurant (to have an excuse to go out). But recently, I was given a chance to try foodpanda and I’d like to tell you about my experience on using their services.

Foodpanda is relatively new in the Philippines but they have operated in other countries for a while now. Since they are new; they don’t have a huge library of partner restaurants but I’m looking forward to them growing in the future.

So how does Foodpanda work? At the homepage; you would see that they would ask you for your delivery location. This is very important because I noticed that some restaurants have a limited area for delivery; in Makati I have 40+ choices but in Taguig I have less than 10 choices only. This means that the more secluded your area is, the less choices you will have.

So now I have submitted my location and I have picked the restaurant that I’d want to order from which was Paris Delice (actual food review will be in another post).

Ordering from Foodpanda

A look of a restaurant’s menu in foodpanda

Upon choosing a restaurant; you will see their menu. All you have to do is to click and it will show up on the right sidebar with details such as quantity; price and running bill. I like the way they have integrated the restaurant’s menu to their website.

Customize your order

What I found to be very nice would be on how you can customize your order. For restaurants that offer a template menu and allows you to customize it (e.g. flavor, toppings, add-ins); I’m glad Foodpanda is able to handle it.

This effectively eliminates the middle-man or someone calling you to confirm your order/choices because through their menu; you can already set the specifics (limited on what the menu can offer).

After ordering; let us go ahead to payment options.

Payment Options

The following would be your choices. I usually go for online payment if it is available but I like the small text box in Cash on Delivery that says “Change for”. This is one of the most common questions asked during COD delivery transactions. Another reason for an agent to call you; eliminated!

Pick either COD or online payment

After payment; just wait for the details to be emailed to you.

A finished transaction!


One thing I have learned from this is that Foodpanda won’t be the one who will deliver the food to you (unlike Citydelivery or Quickdelivery). Instead, they will take your order online and order for you at the restaurant. It would then be the restaurant’s delivery service who will deliver the food to you.

So Foodpanda effectively served as a replacement for actually calling the restaurant to order as you can do everything online via their user interface.

Disclosure: Foodpanda provided a voucher for me to try out their services

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