Get Ready to Gringo Mexican Cusine

Get Ready to Gringo Mexican Cusine

Gringo Original Chicken

My Mexican cuisine experience is pretty limited so I’m very open to trying out different restaurants that has this cuisine. We have a new player in town which recently opened their 7th branch at SM Megamall.

How can they be “new” if they already have seven branches? Well, that was my questions as well and that got answered by the fact that their first branch opened only at 2016. So in a span of a year, they have seven. Amazing!

Off we go to SM Megamall to try Gringo. It was an event so there was a table of their best sellers (where not everything we got to try due to limited stomach space), a solo acoustic act which was pretty good and familiar friends in the area.

The descriptions in their menu reminds me of Nacho Libre. Somehow, I just imagine Jack Black’s voice as I read through the food descriptions. Their best sellers are their chicken and baby back ribs but that doesn’t mean that they don’t serve other great (and manly as found in their descriptions) dishes. How great? Well, I’m about to find out…

Bring out Gringo’s Food!

Gringo Nacho Grande
Gringo Nacho Grande – PHP 265

Nachos are usually included as a side dish for their meals but if you want more; there’s the Nacho Grande. They have an unusual sauce which was mainly due to the garlic sauce on it. It’s the Mexican nachos with delicious salsa!

Gringo Baked Mussels
Gringo Baked Mussels – PHP 220

For those like me who are used to a certain cheese flavor when eating baked mussels/oysters then Gringo’s version might be a surprise. It was cheesy but with traces of herbs. Still good if you ask me because that plate became a shell graveyard in just minutes.

Gringo Truffle Queso Quesadillas
Gringo Truffle Queso Quesadillas – PHP 145

I’ve always been a fan of cheesy quesadillas and the Truffle Queso Quesadillas of Gringo doesn’t disappoint. The cheese was very delicious with a slight aroma of truffle. No need for salsa at all!

Gringo Lemon Garlic Butter Crab
Gringo Lemon Garlic Butter Crab – PHP 155 / 100g

The lemon butter crab is sure to catch your attention. It has been cooked in lemon garlic butter which you can really taste in the crab (especially at the shell). What I did was to eat a bit of crab meat then lick/suck the shell to get that salty and lemon flavor.

It is sold per 100g so be sure to ask your server how big is the crab that you want. Be ready to get your hands dirty on this!

Gringo’s Chicken and Ribs

The main attraction would be their best-selling chicken and ribs. There are two variants of the chicken; Original and Southern Spice. Original is covered by Mexican-Latin Spices while the Southern has this Southern American blend of herbs and spices.

Now my tongue isn’t that complicated. The original chicken has a strong aroma thanks to the herbs and you can feel/taste it on the chicken. On the other hand, the Southern Spice was sweet (thinking hickory but I don’t think so).

Both flavors go well with their two signature sauces which was the Lemon Herb Sauce (my preferred sauce) and the Hot and Spicy Sauce which made me sweat!

Gringo Original Chicken
Gringo Original Chicken – PHP 148 (quarter) / 285 (half) / 535 (full)
Gringo Southern Spice Chicken
Gringo Southern Spice Chicken – PHP 158 (quarter) / 295 (half) / 548 (full)

Last but not the least, we have their ribs made from their own bbq sauce and homemade marinade. It’s different from the hickory bbq that I’m used too but that’s not a problem. The ribs were tender and easy to remove from the bone. I just wish it could have been bigger though.

Gringo Baby Back Ribs
Gringo Baby Back Ribs – PHP 325 (half) / 620 (full) / 980 (mucho)

To go with my meaty and manly meal, I ordered the Gringo Mojito ….

Gringo Mojito
Gringo Mojito – PHP 165

A mix of rum, strawberry, mint, lime and a bottle of Corona beer! It was refreshing with an alcohol aftertaste. Enough to enhance your senses but not to remove your inhibitions.

Despite our full table; I have made note of several dishes that we weren’t able to try out at Gringo. One would be the Crispy Catfish Salsa , their burritos and tacos which looked loaded. Oh well, with their many branches (and two more coming at SM Mall of Asia and UP Town Center), it would be easy to find a branch and eat. 

Disclosure: Gringo paid for our food.  

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Third Floor, Mega Atrium,
SM Megamall,
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

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