Always a Feast at Golden Cowrie

Always a Feast at Golden Cowrie

Golden Cowrie Cebu's Lechon Belly
Golden Cowrie Cebu’s Lechon Belly – PHP 310 (1/4 kg)

Golden Cowrie, a superstar from Cebu, has set foot in Manila and opened its doors at S Maison.

People may know them first as Hukad as there had been two Hukad branches that opened in Manila before Golden Cowrie. They have a similar menu but since I haven’t visited Hukad yet, I don’t know what other similarities or differences that they may have.

Golden Cowrie sports a brightly lit and simple interior that has this mix of a fine-dining and casual restaurant feel. Upon entering the restaurant, you will pass through a narrow hallway where you can actually dine and have a limited view of the mall; or walk further inside and be seated where a view of Manila Bay is available. A function room is available for private feasts.

The food that they serve was mainly Filipino Cuisine with a hint of Spanish (actually I think only one item has a Spanish name). They are your familiar Filipino dishes with a few variations but still has that home-cooked feel. So are you ready for our feast? Oh yeah, they do have unlimited rice.

The food at Golden Cowrie

Golden Cowrie Crispig's Ears
Golden Cowrie Crispig’s Ears – PHP 185

We started off with crispig’s ears (a play of crispy and pig). It was a good way to start the meal (or pair it with beer and you are solved!). Ensure you dip it into the vinegar dip if you find the taste overwhelming to balance it out.

Golden Cowrie Miki Negra
Golden Cowrie Miki Negra – PHP 205
Golden Cowrie Miki Aligue
Golden Cowrie Miki Aligue – PHP 205

Next up were two pasta dishes made sinfully good by Crab Fat (aligue) and squid ink. The squid ink pasta was topped with squid fat and white cheese (kesong puti) while the aligue pasta only had white cheese. The miki noodles were thin enough to absorb the sauce so every twirl of the fork brings about excitement. I loved them both!

Golden Cowrie Pinaupong Manok
Golden Cowrie Pinaupong Manok – PHP 570

You have heard of the expression “sitting duck“; well we have here the sitting chicken. This isn’t your ordinary fried chicken as before bathing in oil; it was steamed first with different spices. The skin was slightly crispy but the insides were soft and tender to eat.

Golden Cowrie Pocherong Katag
Golden Cowrie Pocherong Katag – PHP 685

Think of this as having a soup and appetizer in one. On one side, we have soup with generous servings of beef (bulalo comes into mind). On the other side would be a generous serving of bone marrow to be spread on toasted bread and onion jam. Another sinfully good dish.

Did I already mention Unlimited Rice?

Golden Cowrie Cebu's Lechon Belly
Golden Cowrie Cebu’s Lechon Belly – PHP 310 (1/4 kg)

The highlight would be their Lechon Belly (since they came from Cebu). To be honest, my experience with Cebu Lechon is limited to knowing that they don’t use gravy/sarsa and it’s salty enough to be eaten on its own. Golden Cowrie‘s version had a crispy skin, juicy pork and it came with a soy sauce dip (which was totally optional).

Golden Cowrie Halo Halomazing
Golden Cowrie Halo Halomazing – PHP 160

The halo halo aims to remove the overwhelming feast experience and bring you back to earth and relax. Simple ingredients brought together by their shaved ice. The shaved ice doesn’t stick together so it was easy to mix and enjoy.

Golden Cowrie Chilled Taho
Golden Cowrie Chilled Taho – PHP 135

The taho was a classic. Just plain (or chocolate) taho on an ice bucket and paired with syrup. It was a simple way to end the meal.

They were right when they said Always a Feast. Dining here brings me back to my childhood days where food will be served in a long table after a swim at the beach. There’s plenty of food and everyone’s noisy and having fun. Each dish that were served can be shared (but I’d really suggest to get multiple orders) because of unli-rice.

Disclosure: Golden Cowrie paid for our meal. 

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Golden Cowrie

Level 2, S Maison,
Conrad Manila,
Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way
Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

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