Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Merry Christmas 2014

Hello everyone!

Happy new year! It is 2015 already and time flew so fast! Look at that; there’s a little guy in the picture. His name is baby Rhyme and he was born last April 2014; fast forward to now and he is already 8 months old!

2014 in the name of stats

As per our tradition; let us bring out the stats… sadly, even without actual numbers, I know it will be low…

  • 98 (89 posts + 9 recipes) were written (7.5% decrease!!!)
  • 117 comments were posted (93% decrease!!!)
  • December 2014 had 463 pageviews a day vs 528 of December 2013. (12% decrease more!!!)

Oh no! All had failing marks!

Instantly, I have a new goal for 2015 which is to keep on writing. The other stats should follow as long as I keep writing consistently (which I admit wasn’t the case for 2014).

For 2014; I can barely keep up with the blog and can sometimes only manage 1 post a week or even less! If I were a reader of the blog; I will think that the blog is inactive and might not visit anymore. I’ll change that mindset this year! I will be more active!

2014 (A Year in Review)

This will be the first time I’m doing it and I’d like to share the memorable posts that was published for year 2014. Saw this idea from Baconman’s blog and I loved it!


Casa Verde Death By Chocolate
I can vividly remember how Coy described this with enthusiasm.

Rest in Peace Coy Caballes. We barely talked when we first met but during our Cebu trip, you made it like we were buddies since high school (minus the actual memories of high school).

The return to Primero Casa Filipino

Primero Casa Filipino - Roast Beef
Roast Beef – Sliced and waiting to be eaten!

Our second return to Primero Casa Filipino has been awesome! I had my fill of delicious Filipino Cuisine and premium roast beef and crispy pork belly. The rates; unbelievably low low price of PHP398 from Monday to Thursday and PHP498 from Friday to Sundays.

One steak please… oh make that two for me!

KXP Experience - US Top Blade Steak with Red Wine Sauce
KXP Experience – US Top Blade Steak with Red Wine Sauce

Every time my knife goes through the steak, the juices flow out! It was also very tender that not much effort was spent on cutting and that savings in effort was converted into a more enjoyable experience.

In fact, I enjoyed it a lot that I ordered a second serving. The second order even looked better and juicier than the first order. Again, devoured to satisfaction!

TGI Friday’s goes TEX-MEX

T.G.I. Friday's Tostado Nachos
T.G.I. Friday’s Tostado Nachos

The tostado nachos which would be my favorite of the night among the five (5) tex-mex dishes introduced. A huge nacho topped with cheese, meat and a piece of jalapeno then toasted. Every crunch was very flavorful! I even forgot that it had jalapeno as I went through it quickly (despite my low tolerance for spicy food).

Check out that Big Daddy’s Rack!

Big Daddy Jay's Original Smoked Ribs - Slice
Big Daddy Jay’s Original Smoked Ribs – Slice

Finally, I was able to write about it after two years since I first saw it! Still as amazing as before!

Australia Nostalgia

Market Australia Bundaberg
Market Australia Bundaberg

With the partnership between Australia and Metro Retail stores; a lot of Australian products came into our shores. I welcomed the steaks with open arms and this drink that got me hooked on my first sip… (which I later learned was root beer hehe).

Hail the King of Tapsilog

Maple Prime Rib Tapa
Maple Prime Rib Tapa – P520

Despite my reservations on the prices of Maple; but with this dish….

Shut Up and Take My Money!

1 Kilo of Tuna Panga anyone?

Siklab Tuna Panga
Does it look familiar? Please be a fan of our Facebook Page to know why. https://www.facebook.com/StopLookCapture


I usually just browse through press releases being sent to my email but when I saw the press release for Siklab’s Tuna Panga … days later; I’m already sitting at Siklab ordering this dish.

Chef Allen?

Cooking Essentials - Kitchenware
Cooking Essentials – Kitchenware

This year … I started cooking! and that’s different from simply open-can-and-reheat type of cooking. I’m also proud to share that I posted a few simple recipes.

KFC’s Breakfast Buffet

KFC Breakfast Buffet Backdrop

As someone who works on EMEA shift (3pm to 12am); breakfast usually means brunch but we did manage to get up early to try it out. It is also served as our training on how to dine out with a baby.

Kichitora Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se

Kichitora Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se
Kichitora Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se – Php420

As this wasn’t my order, I just asked for a minor sip on the Paitan Ramen Zenbu No Se; Both of my eyes lit up after my first sip and minutes later, I was asking again for another sip. This was different from the Tonkotsu broths but it was as flavorful. It was like eating roasted chicken or pork in liquid form. The broth was a viand on its own!

Mr Liempo

Mr Liempo Roasted Liempo


Our go to to-go liempo place!

Best Tonkatsu?



A post that serves as a collection of Katsu places that I have tried. I still have a more similar restaurants to try!

1 Kilo of Salmon anyone?

Rustique's Kitchen Baked Salmon Slab
Rustique’s Kitchen Baked Salmon Slab

If Siklab has their Tuna Panga, Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen has their Salmon Slab!

Ippudo Opens

Ippudo Pork Bun
Ippudo Pork Bun – PHP 100

From Yabu; now Ippudo – looking forward to your next concept! This and Tim Ho Wan are those with the longest lines I’ve seen in SM Megamall (before it was Yabu)! Well, I got two words for you!


Mini Burgers for you and me

Slammin All American Sliders Mini Burgers
Slammin All American Sliders Mini Burgers – PHP 145 (double); PHP 215 (triple)

Don’t underestimate these burgers! It looks so simple; melted cheese on top and onions below the patty. however, the taste wasn’t simple because it was delicious! The patties were very juicy!

The cousin of Katsu – Tonteki

Tokyo Tonteki LargeTonteki Set
Tokyo Tonteki Sets (Regular – PHP 375/Large – PHP 450)

Something new to try if you want a break from the breaded then fried pork loin. Thick and juicy would be two words that don’t usually describe a single dish but it fits the tonteki perfectly.

Seafood in a Bag

Clawdaddy Seafood Boil
Clawdaddy Seafood Boil – PHP 1495

It was the soup that got me hook, line and sinker! The header reminds me of Mr. Jeng (hehe)

Looking forward to my 2nd Lamb Shank Calederata

2nds Lamb Shank Caldereta Gratin
2nds Lamb Shank Caldereta Gratin – PHP 995

If there’s one dish I’d gladly have a 2nd.. 3rd..4th..5th… visit at 2nds; it would be this!

… and last but not the least …

Baby Rhyme’s Monthly Celebration Cakes

Baby Rhyme one day old
Hello to our baby Rhyme!

The highlight of our year would be the birth of baby Rhyme. Oh i want to chew on those chubby cheeks; take a bite off his chubby pata-legs and give him a solid hug despite his protests through kicks, back dives and soprano voice. It was a crash course on taking care of a baby but this bundle of joy makes it worth it.

On the 25th of every month, we celebrate his monthly birthdays via a cake. It is a fun activity to look for cakes to try. So far, we have around 9 cakes (since we also celebrated his 1st week) and we are going to go on until his first birthday.

Looking back; I thought 2014 was a bad year for me if I just base it on the stats. However, as I went through this activity; I enjoyed walking through the memory lane and I look forward to meeting new and old friends this year! Please don’t forget about me :)

But do you know what else triggered inside of me?


Imagine simply browsing all these food posts! Food is meant to be eaten and not just started upon (so my stomach claims).

All these posts on food made me hungry and made me realize that I haven’t had breakfast yet so off I go and see you on our succeeding posts!

Till next time,


  • Armed with a LG G2 Smartphone (formerly Lumix ZS3 camera), Allen sets forth to different restaurants and dining places to Stop! Look! and Capture! select dishes with a purpose of sharing his food discoveries and honing his photography skills.

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