Ippudo Introduces Hakata Style Tsukemen

Ippudo Introduces Hakata Style Tsukemen

Ippudo - Tsukemen
Ippudo – Tsukemen

While Ippudo continues to churn out their Hakata-style Ramen; they started introducing their latest offering which would be the Hakata-style Tsukemen.

Tsukemen is a different style to eat ramen. The noodles are cooked and served separately from the broth so eating tsukemen requires you to dip the noodles into your broth. This ensures that the noodles will stay firm, bouncy and not soggy throughout your meal.

Ippudo’s version uses a flavorful tonkatsu broth (Hakata-style) with thick and very filling noodles. It comes in two variants which would be the classic and spicy tsukemen. Both contains toppings such as egg, diced pork (for classic), minced meat (for spicy) and lots of onions for flavor.

But first! Let us also talk about their newest appetizers which would be the Menchi Bun and the Gyutan.

Ippudo - Menchi Bun
Ippudo – Menchi Bun – PHP 125

The Menchi Bun would be the third variant of their buns and definitely the largest among the three. Think of it as a slice or two of menchi katsu; glazed with sauce then wrapped in their soft bun. It has similarities to Yabu’s Menchi Katsu Burger but Ippudo’s Menchi was more bite-size and goes very well with their mayo and bun. This replaces the pork bun as my favorite.

Ippudo - Gyutan
Ippudo – Gyutan PHP 380

Gyutan (beef tongue) is Ippudo’s version of Ox tongue. Imported beef tongue that has been stewed on a hot place with a lot of onion leeks. It looked really simple but once I had a taste; my eyes lit up with the delicious flavor thanks to the soft and slight chewy texture and yummy stew! I finished the plate by myself! However, it isn’t really a great feat as there were only 3-4 slices per serving.

Ippudo Tsukemen

Now here we are; the Tsukemen proper. The noodles can be served hot or cold; we were served cold noodles which balances out the hotness of the Tonkotsu broth dip.

Ippudo - Classic Tsukemen
Ippudo – Classic Tsukemen – PHP 485

The noodles were firm and bouncy; and I enjoyed dipping them into the broth as the broth really amplifies the taste of the plain noodles. The egg and the diced chashu can be eaten in between dippings.

Ippudo - Spicy Tsukemen
Ippudo – Spicy Tsukemen – PHP 495

For those who want a spicy kick and an oozing egg then you can go for the Spicy Tsukemen. Gone were the diced pork but it was replaced by spicy red minced meat. Everything can be mixed and you can start dipping away to get your spicy kick.

Ippudo - Matcha Creme Brulee
Ippudo – Matcha Creme Brulee

As for dessert, I had the Matcha Creme Brulee (new for me only as I haven’t tried it yet). Loved the matcha powder that was sprinkled on top of the ice cream. The custard base (infused with matcha) and the top layer were just so-so.

Our dinner ended with a happy belly. I’m surprised that I wasn’t able to finish a bowl of their new Tsukemen. It was very filling and just delicious. Good job to Ippudo PH to bringing their own version of tsukemen here.

Disclosure: Ippudo paid for our meal

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