Livestock Restaurant and Bar

Livestock Restaurant and Bar

Livestock - Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata! These two words can easily be a synonym for Livestock because they serve one of the best crispy pata in the Metro!

Livestock is one of those restaurants that caught my eye when we passed by Uptown Parade. They had an interesting menu. It showed an outline of a pig that has been divided into compartments and each compartment links to a dish made from that area/compartment. For example; Sisig comes from the pig’s face while Crispy Pata comes from the leg. Although their main specialty is pork dishes; they also serve other dishes from the farm such as beef, chicken, fish and seafood!

the food from Livestock

Let us start with the non-pork dishes…

Livestock - Grilled Pumpkin Soup
Livestock – Grilled Pumpkin Soup –
PHP 240

Our meal started with a soup appetizer. I liked how thick the consistency of the soup was so I enjoyed every spoonful I tried. A big bonus also because it was topped with bacon bits!

Livestock - Caesar Salad
Livestock – Caesar Salad – PHP 250

Umm we also had salad but the good thing was; it came with crispy pork belly. I just had a piece or two of the lettuce before I moved on.

Livestock - Broccoli Skillet
Livestock – Broccoli Skillet – PHP 280

Whooaaaaaaa!!! I love eating broccoli and it was made better by adding Bechamel sauce and gooey cheese! Oh my! It was a very sinful way to eat vegetables. This was a hit with the kids as well (as long as they like Broccoli)

Livestock - Cumin Butter King Fish
Livestock – Cumin Butter King Fish – PHP 480
Livestock - Lengua Salpicao
Livestock – Lengua Salpicao – PHP 390

I love eating lengua and beef salpicao separately so when I saw this on the menu; I just had to try it. The lengua was cut into cubes (similar to how you do it in salpicao) and it was cooked in tomato sauce and red wine (also a bit different from the garlicky salpicao I’m used). It was really yummy and not everyone on our table likes ox tongue so I had more servings to myself!

Livestock - 12 Hour Roast Beef
Livestock – 12 Hour Roast Beef – PHP 390

This was a crowd favorite because it was gone so fast! I only had time to get one slice and the next thing I knew; it was all gone! The beef was roasted perfectly with small amounts of fat on it. My only problem was the serving size because we were obviously left wanting more.

and then.. bring out the pork!

Livestock - Mic's Sisig
Livestock – Mic’s Sisig – PHP 280
Livestock - Pork Tenderloin with Charred Chimichurri
Livestock – Pork Tenderloin with Charred Chimichurri – PHP 320

I didn’t know what to expect from this dish because I wasn’t familiar with the ingredients. All I knew was the pork was tender but a bit bland on its own so you need to save it with the Chimichurri (green leafy sauce).

Livestock - Salt and Pepper Ribs
Livestock – Salt and Pepper Ribs – PHP 330

Despite being a very colorful dish; it was a challenge to find the ribs inside the medley of vegetables. Although I still liked the bite-sized pork meat and chewing them off the bone; but I’d be ordering the baby back ribs in the future instead.

Livestock - Crispy Pata
Livestock – Crispy Pata – PHP 680

The main event would be none other than their Melt-In-Your-Mouth Crispy Pata. I was initially wondering why there were no knives that came but instead; we were given a Popsicle stick. Happy to say that no knives are needed because you can literally slice it with simply your fork (to hold it down) and the included Popsicle! You had your fill of crunchy skin, chewy fat and juicy, tender meat on a slightly spicy sauce. And guess what; it wasn’t very expensive (as compared to the Crispy Pata dishes of other restaurants).

I would definitely go back to livestock just to have my fill of their delicious Crispy Pata. It immediately jumped to the top of my list of best crispy pata that I have tasted.

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PS: This would be the first post of me using a new lens (35mm F2.0) for my camera. I am still learning how to use it but I love the bokeh!

Livestock - Drinks
Matcha Banana Shake


Livestock Restaurant and Bar

Second Floor, Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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