Mangan Dinner

Mangan Dinner

Mangan Restaurant

This would be my first time trying out a Filipino restaurant that specializes in Kapangpangan Cuisine. My only knowledge about this cuisine is that they have delicious sisig! So let’s see what else I could learn. Ahh btw, something I learned today: Mangan actually means eat in the local dialect of Pampanga.

Mangan Camote Fritters

Mangan Camote Fritters – Free Appetizer

While browsing through their menu, we were served with Camote Fritters. Grated camote and deep friend to give it that crunchy look. Better than chicharon!

Mangan Bangus Belly in Tausi Sauce

Mangan Bangus Belly in Tausi Sauce – PHP 220

Fillet of bangus (milk fish) in a semi sweet tausi sauce. Liked the meaty fish that they served but more of the actual belly would be nice.

Mangan Lengua with Mushroom

Mangan Lengua with Mushroom – PHP 285

The sauce must be yummy!” was my first reaction upon seeing this dish and my reaction was confirmed upon tasting. Although I was expecting a very tender texture, the meat was slightly rubbery. It is more chewy that the other similar dishes I’ve tried.

Mangan Bulalong Baka with Mais

Mangan Bulalong Baka sa Mais – PHP 380

First on our sinful goodness! Soft tender meat that I can easily slice with my fork! There was enough bone marrow for me to enjoy (others avoided it for health reasons). Just have to note the amount of pepper that they used on this soup (a lot!).

Mangan Crispy Pata

Mangan Crispy Pata – PHP 100/100grams (total = PHP 810)

Second dish of sinful goodness. Deep fried pork knuckles! Nothing special about it but wow, expensive!

Mangan Sisig ni Mely

Mangan Sisig ni Mely – PHP 260

Our last but not the least, the sisig! It is rare for me to see sisig that’s not served on a sizzling plate. According to the history of the dish, if you put it in a sizzling plate, the ingredients get burnt at the bottom and won’t taste good anymore. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy eating their sisig. It felt like eating chopped fat due to the ratio of fat as compared to the other ingredients.

Our orders for this night would be something we would only do once in a while since we care for our health. I’m sure I felt something at the back of my head after eating these high cholesterol dishes. Overall, we found it a bit expensive considering the serving size and also the nothing special feeling we got on the dishes.

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2/F Glorietta 2, Hotel Dr
Ayala Center, Makati

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8 thoughts on “Mangan Dinner

  1. Im not a Kapampangan but I grew up in Pampanga and all I can say is that kapampangan knows really how to cook. They don’t just cook but they cook with all their heart to make food good to taste…

  2. I first saw Mangan was in Sm north Annex (now carpark), I tried their Bulalong Baka sa Mais…and it taste so good. Lutong pinoy talaga and sulit talaga every visit namin dun.

So what can you say? :)