Mini Donut Factory

Mini Donut Factory

Mini Donut Factory

I used to eat mini donuts when we were in Manila for a vacation way back in my elementary days. I remember buying them from Glorietta before. I was amazed on how these mini donuts would be created right in front of your eyes. It comes from this yellow “mixture” then piece by piece they would fall unto a hot oil river. These mini circles would travel from one end to another and at the end of their journey, they would be placed in a container with flavored powder (eg. strawberry, chocolate, mocha) and the container will be shaken so that they can absorb the powder for their flavor. Everything was automatic except for the part where the flavors would be added. They were usually very hot and the first bite was usually the most painful (burned tongue anyone?)

Today, I saw a mini donut kiosk in Market! Market! and since it brought back good memories, I bought some. This time, I opted for mini donut toppings where instead of using those flavored powder, you will get to choose 1 syrup and two toppings.

Mine was strawberry syrup with crushed cookies and chocolate dips as toppings at a price of PHP35.00. The powdered “classical” version costs PHP 30.

Yum yum! :)

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Mini Donut Factory
Food Court. Market! Market!, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila

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4 thoughts on “Mini Donut Factory

    1. I can’t really say this one is better but this was something new because it had toppings. In terms of taste, the donut tastes the same. But I love the chocolate droplets lol :D

    1. Hello Guia, thanks for the visit. I liked this mini snack and I ended up eating on the box because there were leftover chocolate toppings and syrup. Finger licking good! lol

      Sure! We can also exchange links :)

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